Secret To A Green Lawn All Summer

What’s up y’all? Hope you are having a great summer!

Yep, it’s here, first official full week of summer and it’s time to get your lawn nice and dark green.

But keep in mind, we don’t want to push too much growth so keep things going nice and easy.

If you want to use micronutrients, especially iron, to keep your lawn looking dark this summer, you may want to consider the MicroGreene product. Here is a video I did last Sunday showing you my results:

deep green lawn tips

This heavier app was done because I am running a Florida Blackout plan. Here in Manatee County, FL, we are not permitted to throw down nitrogen or phosphorus containing fertilizers from June 1 until the end of September. You can read about the ordinance and why we have it in place here.

But here’s the thing: you can institute your own blackout on any lawn, no matter what the grass type, and keep a nice dark green lawn all summer without pushing fast growth. Plus, get all the micronutrients you need for maximum performance in the stress of heat and humidity in summer.

carbonx microgreene

Keep Pushin’
Not only is it a great lawn mowing song, but “Keep Pushin’” is something that many of you will still want to think about, especially if you prefer granular applications. If you have Bermuda, St Augustine or Zoysia and you are not blacked out, then you may consider lower rates of CarbonX to keep your lawn double dark in a granular formulation. (yes, it’s back in stock - get CarbonX here)

Kentucky Bluegrass, Turf Type Tall Fescue and Perennial Rye, you can push as well - as long as you are irrigating.

If you can irrigate (it needs to be watered in), then 2 lbs/1,000 of CarbonX will give a low dose of Nitrogen at ½ lb/N/1,000 which is an easy spoon feeding. Plus, it’s 4% potassium which is great for summer stress. Top that off with iron and other micronutrients (from the chicken litter) and you have a product that delivers a sustained dark green effect that you can still see in the picture above.

I recently talked on my podcast just why I think CarbonX is special - here is that clip if you are interested:

biochar in carbonx

If you are an absolute beginner, I do not recommend you get CarbonX right now. But if you have experience, and want something that really pushes nice color even at this very low rate of 2lbs/1,000 - then you should give it a try. Again make sure: water it in.

Here are the results I got using CarbonX on my St Aug and Zoysia.

Hydretain Visible Results
Also in my video from the weekend, I did a quick test to show you how well Hydretain works. The idea is that it pulls water from the humidity in the air and stores it by the roots of plants, whether that me your grass roots, or those in a potted plant. And that is how I did the test - showing a potted plant with Hydretain (left) and without (right).

hydretain results

You can go to this spot in the video to see the results there as well. Here is the video where I show you the different formulations and how I have used them.

Hydretain Hose End Sprayer for Lawns.
Hydretain Concentrate Refill or for potted plants.
Hydretain Granular bag.

Coming Up This Weekend
My son is in town for another week and tomorrow he is going to help me do some filming. I never have anyone to film for me and since I have him here, I am going to use the time to get some good footage of the Honda HRX vs the Toro Super Recycler

I am going to make this video all about the cut quality. Head to head, Honda vs Toro and we are testing it on thick Floratam St Augustine, Palmetto St Augustine and low cut, thick and beautiful Empire Zoysia. I’ll get getting all that filmed and edited for this coming weekend so be sure to subscribe to the channel!

I’ll see you in the lawn!

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