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Yard Mastery

Empowering DIY'ers

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Get a step-by-step personalized lawn care plan and recommendations based on your specific soil and geographic location. “What to throw down, and when to throw it down” plus a fertilizer calculator, journal to track your progress, and soon to come: in-app lawn segmentation and measuring.

  • Works with the YM Soil Test Kit To Calculate Your FREE Custom Lawn Program
  • Calendar Reminders
  • Step By Step Instructions with Videos
  • Custom Fertilizer Recommendations
  • Track Your Progress In The Journal

Jake P
Loving the App so far for its functionality! I did notice that when I add photos the app seems to over saturate them and I get really odd colors appearing on screen. For example, I took a picture of my yard zones written in black ink on a white piece of paper and it threw a giant yellow "blotch" in the center of the page. What's worse is my yard colors come out odd looking. This happens whether I use the camera function through the app or pull from my photo library. Phone is an Samsung S8.

Matt N
This has to be the best app I've ever had. Perfect since the beginning and it keeps getting better! The creators are lawn care DIYers and pros so our input is critical for better development. Their communication to its users is unmatched. If there's an update available, we know when it'll be available and that we might experience some glitches as the bugs are being squashed. I would give it a 100 stars rating if it were possible. Keep up the great work!

Fred M
Makes lawn care fun!I really enjoy taking care of my yard and this app is a big reason why. There are so many lawn products and maintenance plans available that it’s difficult for the average DIYer to figure things out. I used to hire professionals, but now with guidance I am comfortable doing it on my own.

Flex E
Great Free App! I love LCN watching his videos for years. He has helped me understand how to take care of my yard. I have so much more to learn but he explains so well. I am using his products as well and will update its effectiveness after adhering to the program properly to provide the appropriate feedback. I have no doubt his products will work and the price is affordable for what you are getting.