DIY Premium Double Dark Green Grass Seed

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SHIPPING INFORMATION: Cost of Shipping is Included. We Cannot Ship to P.O. Boxes, or Alaska or Hawaii. Orders typically ships in 2-3 business days! Please be sure you get the right product and know what's in the bag you are ordering. We cannot take returns of seed because we cannot resell seed that has left our possession as we do not know how it was cared for while out of our hands. (moisture, sunlight, humidity).

Yard Mastery is proud to announce our newest product offering, just in time for fall: Premium Double Dark grass seed blend. This is an 80% perennial rye and 20% Kentucky bluegrass blend that has been selected for it’s superior performance and dark green color. We have 25 and 45 lb bags available for immediate shipping. Quantities are very limited.

Price: $149.99-$229.99 with Free Shipping!!!


80% Perennial Ryegrass
20% Kentucky Bluegrass

This premium 5-way blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass varieties offers extreme striping ability with dark green color! Other key attributes include: Drought tolerance, shade tolerance, excellent disease resistance, traffic tolerance & .0% weed seed blend

Varieties Used:

GREEN SUPREME: (Perennial Ryegrass) GREEN SUPREME is an upright, vigorous, slower-growing perennial ryegrass, with excellent overall disease resistance and traffic tolerance. GREEN SUPREME is a clear choice for areas with challenging conditions. Choose GREEN SUPREME for all your quality turf needs from golf course tees, fairways, sports turf and parks to home lawns. GREEN SUPREME is ready to meet your toughest turf grass needs.

NOBILITY: (Perennial Ryegrass) Nobility has an attractive dark green color, very fine texture, and narrow blade width. Winter color retention is excellent under frost, and seedling vigor is among the best. Nobility has excellent mow-ability due to its soft blade tissue. It shows good resistance to wilt damage and has excellent drought recovery.

AMAZING +: (Perennial Ryegrass) Improvement is the name of the game as AMAZING A+ gets high marks for resistance to diseases such as gray leaf spot, brown patch, Pythium blight, and snow mold. AMAZING A+ exhibits sensational spring green-up. AMAZING A+ received gold medal honors in the Top 25 NTEP ratings.

PIVOT: (Kentucky Bluegrass) Pivot is an excellent all-around variety that is developed for full sun turf. Pivot has improved disease tolerance to necrotic ring spot and summer patch. It has increased seed vigor to tolerate a range of low to full maintenance regimes. Pivot has a beautiful deep green color that is similar to the blue-green midnight types.

APPALACHIAN: (Kentucky Bluegrass) Compact Mid-Atlantic type of Kentucky Bluegrass with good shade tolerance. Features deep, extensive roots and rhizomes which provide high summer stress tolerance, vigorous turf with medium-high density. Has early spring green-up and good winter performance. Recovers quickly from disease.

How Much Do I Need?


45lb Bag

  • New Lawn: 4,500-5,600 sq ft
  • Overseeding: 5,600-7,500 sq ft

25lb Bag

  • New Lawn: 2,500-3,100 sq ft
  • Overseeding: 3,100-4,000 sq ft

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