[N-Ext] MicroGreene 0-0-2 - 5 Gallon

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This is for 5 Gallons of MicroGreene 0-0-2 and is shipped in two 2.5 gallon buckets. 0-0-2 MicroGreene™ Fertilizer is engineered for two purposes:

  1. Micronutrient product to add to N-Ext N-Charge™, 18-0-1 GreenePunch™ Lawn Fertilizer or other Nitrogenous fertilizers when micronutrient deficiencies are present or soil remediation is required;
  2. Complete product for turfgrass application during fertilizer ordinance “blackout” periods where local regulations prohibit the application of Nitrogen and Phosphorous fertilizers.

    IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: Shipping is included in the price. Due to state laws we can no longer ship to the following states: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Hawaii and Alaska). 

    Typically delivered in 4-7 business days.

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    Depending on mix rates this MicroGreene 0-0-2 bucket will be enough for a 50,000 square ft lawn and last 1 year (with a little leftover) if you are aggressive.

    If your yard is not that big consider splitting with a neighbor or family member.

    When you purchase you'll also receive my N-Ext product guide on when and how much to put down (via email).