4th of July Sale on All N-Ext Products

What’s up y’all - Happy Sunday Funday! This is a big week coming up here - Independence Day is Thursday, July 4, and you are probably using this very weekend, right now, to prepare the lawn for all the family fun.

Now, I’ve got plenty of tips on board for you this week, including a new video coming out today on The Lawn Care Nut YouTube Channel putting the Honda HRX and Toro Super Recycler “Head To Head” in a cutting competition - should be super fun. Tweet me and let me know if you’re on #TeamHonda or #TeamToro - The YouTube video discussion is heating up this week in the comments section!

All N-Ext Products - $5 Off June 30 - July 7

No coupon codes needed, just head over to the Soil Optimization section on the website and all packs, including the “choose your own adventure” packs are reduced $5 already.

Summer Double Dark

Want some double dark blue-green turf this summer without pushing growth?

  1. 9 oz/1000 - MicroGreene
  2. 6 oz/1000 - Greene Effect


You can apply the [N-Ext] MicroGreene 0-0-2 & Greene EfFect 7-0-0 together, every 4 weeks in summer. Cost (on sale now) is $120 for 2.5 gallons of each, 5 gallons total.

If you have a 5,000 sq ft lawn, each “double dark” application will cost $14.25

$120/640 oz = $.19 per ounce. Yes correct, Nineteen Cents Per Ounce. Cheap!

5000 sq ft lawn

  • 45 oz MicroGreene needed
  • 30 oz Greene Effect needed


75 oz total


75 x $.19 = $14.25

That’s right, under $15 per application to keep your lawn dark blue/green all summer without pushing excessive growth. If you are running a low nitrogen/spoon feed kind of program, this is a great way to go. Plenty of Humic Acid and Sea Kelp riding along in these apps to help kick up the soil at the same time.

If you have a 5,000 sq ft lawn, you can get 7 applications down with this pack and have some Greene Effect left over for later. Share with your friends and family if you want - it’s only $14.25 per application for a 5,000 sq ft lawn. This is why I teach you the math! DIY lawn care is so much cheaper than paying TruGreen and you get to drive the strategy and reep the rewards.

Here is a video on the Secret to a Dark Green Lawn: Iron Treatment | Liquid Iron and MicroNutrients in Summer and where I show you the results from the MicroGreene alone.

micro nutrients in summer

More N-Ext Application Ideas

I have updated the N-Ext Cocktail Menu - if you have not picked it up - it’s free and gives you different strategies for utilizing the products. Page 14 is especially a good section because I explain what each product does so you can easily plug it into any program you are running.

The free Cocktail Menu is 36 pages long and also answers many of the most frequently asked questions we get here at LCN HQ. If you’ve been considering adding some spraying and praying to your lawn care strategy, summer is a great time to start because these products are safe and won’t burn the lawn or anything like that. People seem to be scared of that with a lot of lawn care products - and the N-Ext products are very approachable.

Rodney Smith Jr - Raising Men Lawn Care

Also in the month of July, I am donating $1,000 to Rodney Smith and the Raising Men Lawn Care Service. Rodney inspires young people to serve in their communities by mowing lawns for those who cannot. This includes veterans and veteran families. Rodney himself travels the country spreading the word and mowing lawns for free to help those in need. He has inspired thousands of people, including me!

I encourage you to follow Rodney Smith Jr on Twitter where you can see his work in real time. Great guy, great cause, incredible message.

Have a great week!



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