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How To Get Rid of Torpedo Grass In Your Lawn

One of my biggest enemies is Torpedo Grass. The Univeristy- [read more]

Before and After - A Tail Of A Stressed Lawn

COOL SEASON LAWNS: I know that as I scan across- [read more]

Free Lawn Care App for All Grass Types

This is it! If you watch my YouTube channel then- [read more]

How To Have The Softest Lawn in 2020

Hey there Lawn Care Nut!I know we are still in- [read more]

Florida, Texas, Gulf Coast Fall and Winter Pre-Emergent Schedule

I wrote this plan specifically for “South Florida” as a- [read more]

Your Lawn Care Season is NOT Over Yet

Hey there, sorry it’s been a few weeks since I’ve- [read more]

How to get Rid of Violets and Creeping Charlie In The Lawn

What’s up y’all - welcome to the very middle of- [read more]

Cool Season Lawns - Seeding and Not Seeding

With the crazy weather around the country this week, for- [read more]

September Lawn Updates for All Grass Types

Hey y’all hope you are having a great week!Still so- [read more]

Fall Pre-Emergent Lawn Care Strategies

It’s time to prepare for fall, y’all. Doesn’t matter where you live, it’s time to think about your strategy. Far north, far south or anywhere in between, there are some fall preparations we all need to consider.

DIY Weed Control Is Cheaper Than You Think

The Cost of DIY Lawn Care And as I like- [read more]

4th of July Sale on All N-Ext Products

What’s up y’all - Happy Sunday Funday! This is a- [read more]