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Free Lawn Care App for All Grass Types

by Allyn Hane 21 May 2020

This is it!

If you watch my YouTube channel then you know I have been promising a HUGE announcement coming just before Memorial Day Weekend - and this is it.

Me and my team at Yard Mastery have been working very hard for many months to bring this to you and finally, we are ready to release it:

The Yard Mastery App for iPhone and Android.

In summary, with this completely free app we give you:

1. 24-hour average soil temperature for your city/zip or if you choose to put in your full street address, right down to the sidewalk level.

We have adapted the very same technology used by farmers across the US to predict the best time to plant crops.

This works perfectly for our crop, turfgrass, because we are suburban farmers!

2. A Digital lawn journal - keep track of your applications in real-time.

You are also able to go back and add history from your current handwritten journal if you wish.

Additionally, you can add photos of your lawn along the way to track your progress.

    3. “Application Cards” that show up on the home screen when treatments are due.

    Currently, we have cards that trigger letting you know when it’s time to apply pre-emergent, fertilizer, and bio-stimulants.

    Each card is triggered custom for each user based on soil temps, timing, as well as in relation to what other applications have been done.

    These cards also contain app rates as well as light training videos to explain each step!

    Use these links to download The Yard Mastery App for iPhone and Android.


    I Like To Give Too Much Detail - And Be Overly Transparent

    This is for those of you who appreciate that…

    What is Yard Mastery?
    I started Yard Mastery, along with my business partner, Josh Whitford, so we could begin to expand offerings above and beyond what I could do as “The Lawn Care Nut.”

    LCN is my personal brand. I have brand partners, products and programs I represent and teach via my primary YouTube channel and my store,

    As LCN, I have two primary fertilizer and bio-stimulant partners that I work with: Carbon Earth Co for my granular offerings, and Greene County Fertilizer Co for my liquid offerings.

    LCN will continue to represent them and their awesome products, exclusively.

    However, as our lawn care community has grown, and more manufacturers are becoming aware of the potential that exists within the DIY segment, I have started to see several new products surface that I think deserve to be seen, tested, and utilized.

    Their biggest challenge, however, is that they have no voice - no way to get seen - as most big box store shelves are dominated by just one or two old school brands.

    Still, many others have no idea how to breakthrough online.

    At the same time and at a similar pace, the amount of Lawn Care “influencers” is on the rise.

    New channels/accounts with unique voices are popping up nearly every day it seems.

    Many of these folks make great content, but they don’t always have the knowledge, time, or the means to establish, run, and service a full e-commerce business.

    So we started Yard Mastery to:

    1. Help other Lawn Care YouTubers gain access to, and distribution of these products without having to set up warehousing, shipping, accounting, inventory, customer service, marketing, and other software needed to run an e-commerce business. We handle those pieces. All they have to do is make good content and teach their audience about the products they like and utilize.
    2. Help these other great companies making cool stuff get matched up with YouTube influencers who can show the results of their products to the public.

    As we started working to build our offerings on Yard Mastery (we have a couple others we are working to add even now) we realized that with this array of offerings, a smartphone app, coupled with a soil test, could help users make smarter decisions and take away the “fear of the burned lawn” among other things.

    We also wanted to provide an answer to the emails LCN gets dozens of times a week asking “when will you be coming out with a lawn journal app?”

    So essentially, LCN and Yard Mastery are the same company with two different voices.

    LCN is my voice, and Yard Mastery represents the voices of many.

    Just in the last few months, Yard Mastery has really grown and we have since joined with equity partners Todd Furness, Head of Product and Engineers Zak Beatty and Spencer Miller. They are the genius minds behind the app that we are rolling out today.

    I just want to note: our entire development team are Americans based in the US.

    We also have an office in Bozeman, MT where our administrative and creative staff work from.

    More On The App

    You may choose to use some of the app’s features or all of them but please rest assured that:

    1. We know the app is not perfect yet. By the time you download the current release, our team will already be adding features that will be released in the next iteration and those after.

    There are MANY more functions we are adding in so chances are, if you want something in the app that isn’t currently there, we have already started working on it.

    We consider this current version to be our “minimum viable product” and I think it contains quite a bit more than just “minimum.” (yes, soil test will be integrated soon)

    2. There is no way the app can give everyone exactly what they need when they want it.

    We have sophisticated logic built in but as everything goes with technology, user feedback and interaction will dictate what we change, add or take away.

    So if some of the cards trigger a little “off” for you, please just dismiss them and let the next ones come as they will.

    Releasing this app in later May is not ideal, we know.

    3. Currently, the app recommends products for purchase. You will find one store-bought option (Milorganite) and the rest are options you already know, primarily Greene County Fert and Carbon Earth products.

    However, as we continue to add more offerings to the Yard Mastery store, and incorporate the soil test, we will open that up to much much more.

    NOTE: if you are a decision-maker for Ace, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc and you would like to provide an API feed of the products in your stores, we are happy to integrate that feed for our users.

    Of course, we want to sell our stuff, but first and foremost we want the app to be useful for even the most novice DIYer looking at your shelves in fear.

    This app can take all that fear away but we need you to be transparent with what’s on your shelves so we can recommend the right thing.

    I am putting that out there in the public space here right from the jump.

    I hope one or all of you will see the potential here and get on board.

    So there is everything I have for you folks - at the end of the day, I hope this app is useful to you in some way, and helps improve your lawn care strategy and results.

    Download The Yard Mastery App for iPhone and Android.

    I’ll see YOU in the virtual lawn!

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