Your Lawn Care Season is NOT Over Yet

Hey there, sorry it’s been a few weeks since I’ve sent an email with tips. I’ve been recovering from the GIE+EXPO while also taking some time to have a little fun with a Famous Lawn Mower Yard Sale Prank, as well as changing the oil in my mowers.

Note: I did not get a chance to run my yearly Halloween Domination party at the house this season. I just wasn’t able to pull it together this year. However, we have something more important than that going on right now, the entire lawn care community is raising awareness for #MowVember and I shaved off my beard in this video here.


Crazy Late Fall Weather

Speaking of canceled Halloween… look what Joe from Chicago sent me… this was his lawn Halloween night! Just so you know, that much snow is VERY early for da-Chicago-Land-Area Over-Bye-Dare!

Brian B, another Chicago-Land resident - sent this pic of his covered up domination as well.

Thing is, I bet if you saw these lawns today, all that snow is already gone, and that is the first tip. If you are somewhere across the midwest over into the east and north-east - your year may not be over, yet.

Out west, my friends in Salt Lake - you are not done yet either! I see daytime temps in the 60s for you and nights are not yet freezing for the most part. It looks like that’s a big part of the country is in the perfect window for that final lawn application of the season - the WINTERIZER.

In fact, ALL of you, no matter what your grass type - check out my video from this past weekend where I walked you through some of the final steps of the season. Not only for fert, but also for mowing and final maintenance.

Note: WARM season grass and COOL season grass types— your winterizer strategy is very different. I hope you enjoy:



Warm Season Quick Tips + Florida

Before I look at Florida, I want to look at one of my favorite spots in the country, Savannah, GA. Shrimp and grits in the low country, nothing better! And look at those ripe soil temps:


Right now, Savannah GA soil temps are approaching 65F on the downswing. Even if your Bermuda or Zoysia lawn is starting to go dormant, the soil is very much alive and winter annuals, especially Poa Annua are getting ready to germinate and gain ground all winter.

Stop them right now with Yard Mastery Dithiopyr.
4lbs/1000 sq ft is all you need to protect your turf from these weeds as well as bittercress, chickweed and henbit. Get it down now and water it in.

Pick up Dithiopyr here. Use code “LOWCOUNTRY” and get $7.50 off per bag. Stock up and use the leftovers as your crabgrass pre-emergent next spring. Dithiopyr works great there too and my mix is juiced up with potash which is great for warm-season lawns in winter.

By the way, it’s not just Savannah that is in the window, Montgomery, AL, Jackson, MS, Shreveport, LA and Ft Worth, TX — you are all right in this same window - get it down and get ahead of next season with a good defensive strategy against winter annuals.

Florida Tips

Lost of questions coming in from Central and South Florida. I’m working on some very specific videos for you and me as we have lots of season left. Real quick, I’ll give you a good one now:

Dayflower - it’s a viney-creeping weed that is coming up in a lot of lawns right now and starting to take over in many cases. Here is an Instagram TV video I put out showing how to kill it very easily using over-the-counter ready to use weed control.

I’ll be releasing a complete, year-round pre-emergent plan for South Florida in the next few days too - since we are year-round, we have a much more robust pre-emergent strategy to follow. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you have not already so you don’t miss out!

I’ll see you in the lawn!

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