Halloween Domination 2018

Happy Sunday Ya'll. Real quick a new video is live on YouTube where I get a tour of a large sod farm among other things. Here's the link.

Now... for many of you who have purchased (or are looking to purchase) the Bio-Stimulant Pack in the last few weeks and are wondering how best to maximize it for fall time. It doesn’t matter if you have cool season or warm season turf. Our goal is to strengthen roots/stolons/rhizomes and increase microbial action in the soil which will in turn pack more nutrients into the plants.

Here’s what I recommend do, and what I will also be doing at my house this fall:

First off, take the 0-0-2 MicroGreene and put it aside. You’re going to bring that one out about 7 days before #HalloweenDomination2018. It’s your secret weapon.

You’ll be left with 1 gallon/128 oz each of:

  • Humic12 - this is the product in the line that kicks the microbes into gear.
  • Air8 - this is the product that drags air down into the soil profile.
  • RGS - this is the elixir that mega-stimulates root, stolon and rhizome growth. 

Your mix is:

  • 3 oz Humic12
  • 3 oz air8
  • 3 oz RGS
  • 1 gallon of water

That gallon of spray mix covers 1,000 sq ft of lawn space. 

Mix up what you need to cover your lawn. A hose end sprayer is the cheapest and easiest way to go or you can get a battery powered sprayer.

Apply this every 10 days for 30 days. That means 3 applications.

Go ahead and water it in. We want to get all this into the soil profile.

Now, let’s pause here and do some math so you can decide how much of your load you want to spray out here this year vs save for next year. You can easily store the Greene County products for a couple years, just don’t let them freeze. Let’s pretend you have a 5,000 sq ft lawn, here’s what you have used:


  • Rate: 3 oz of each per 1000
  • Size: 5,000 sq ft lawn = 15 oz of each per application
  • Apps: 3 applications = 45 oz of each used
  • Inventory on Hand: 128 - 45 = 83 oz remaining of each product

Note: You’ll also need to apply fertilizer during this time. These products are NOT a replacement for regular fertilizing with macros, but they do enhance and optimize them. So feel free to back down the rates you apply and save a little money. Put down Milo for example, at 10lbs/1000 sq ft (.6 LB/N/1000 sq ft) rather than the full bag rate of 14.4 lbs/1000 sq ft (.86 LB/N/1000 sq ft). Apply Milo whenever you want, about every 4 weeks or so.


Halloween Domination 2018

2 weeks before Halloween, mix up 9 oz/gallon of Air8
1 gallon covers 1,000 sq ft. Apply this and water it in.

1 week before Halloween, mix up 0-0-2 MicroGreene at 9 oz/gallon
1 gallon covers 1,000 sq ft. Apply this and water in if no rain within 48 hours.

This will give your lawn a deep-silvery-blue color that will have all the trick-or-treat parents talking about your lawn for days. You should also get some Milo down 10 days before Halloween too. 10lbs/1000 should be fine there.

For your 5,000 sq ft lawn, this means you will have used up 45 oz of your Air8 and 45 oz of your MicroGreene.

Plenty left for the 2019 season here as well. 

This little fall program is going to kick your soil into gear big time and set you up for success the following spring. If you need a full lawn plan that also shows you how to incorporate your Bio-Stimulants smartly throughout the year, check out my warm season or cool season hybrid organic lawn plans.

I’ll see you in the lawn!



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