Iron: Your Liquid Secret Weapon

What’s up ya’ll? Hope you’re having a successful week! I gotta admit, I got a little out of hand last weekend. I made a pretty decent Spring Lawn Tips video, even included some lawn mower blade sharpening with wicked sparks flying. It was lit.

Until I realized that I made multiple compounded rookie mistakes and had to make another video to illustrate my lack of “Attention to Detail” (My US Air Force brethren know that term well).

Anyway, it’s Monday now as I type this and I think it’s time to unleash some next level content. I’ve been harping on pre-emergents and soil temps for like 2 months now. It’s time for a change. Seriously, let’s go on the offensive.

Below is our next FREE e-book release that we are going to use to bait people into my sales and marketing funnel (blame Josh for that) where I can indoctrinate them into the LCN lifestyle. (I’m not kidding)

But since you’re already on the inside - you get it early. There is currently no video support for the content below. I started working on it late Sunday evening but got rained out - so it’ll be a couple weeks. Either way - you get it early and I 100% promise you that you will learn something in the content below. Repetition is the key to learning, and below I build on some of your current knowledge base.

Disclaimer: It’s going to sound very salesy for the most part - and in reality, it is - but there is REALLY good info here for anyone looking for another gear in their green game. Liquid Iron works - some sources are better than others. Let’s get after it!

Your Liquid Secret Weapon

Iron will turn your lawn a deeper, darker shade of blue-green. We get it when we apply Milorganite, but what if you want a visual response between applications? Time for some liquid iron!

Guide By:
Allyn Hane, The Lawn Care Nut

Technical Advisor:
Matt Martin, The Grass Factor

What you will learn:

  1. How to calculate N rates in liquid fert - specifically, N-Ext 7-0-0 Green Effect.
  2. How to calculate Fe rates in liquid fert - specifically, N-Ext 7-0-0 Green Effect and 0-0-2 MicroGreene.
  3. I give you an alternative outside of the N-Ext line in case you want to run that route.

Ultimately you will discover the real value in liquid products as a secret weapon for Lawn Care Nuts who are dominating a neighbor or neighborhood. (Hint: the Nitrogen is not the star here.)

Keep in mind: everything I recommend below is safe for ALL grass types. Just be sure to only apply to actively growing (non-dormant) turf.

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