Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Dandelions

Hey Ya’ll - Happy Nearly May!

What are you doing for Cinco de Mayo coming up? It’s a wonderful day already, plus, the Kentucky Derby -- say what? Time to #EnjoyTheMow!

Anyway, I’ve got plenty of party in store for your full lawn pleasure, no matter how you want to celebrate.

First off, I released a solid video for beginners. I really wanted it to offer encouragement for beginners to get started, and the feedback I am getting is positive. In summary: just get out there and Throw’er Down! I promise you will be glad you did.

Towards the end of that video, I talk about the Free Dandelion Guide and you can get that here!


If you have never sprayed weeds in the lawn - dandelions are a good place to start and learn. In the guide, I give you exact products to use -- ones that are readily available at your local stores and offer a level of flexibility if you do get a bit too “heavy-handed.”

My goal is to give you the confidence to get out, and get started!

Finally - we have a Milorganite contest that kicked off too! You could have your home and lawn featured on the bag of Milo! Check out the video and I’ll see you in the lawn (and on the bag).

It’s Spring Ya’ll - get out, and be a Savage!

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