XSoil DIY - Biochar Soil Amendment with Peptides

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This 45 lbs Bag Covers 2,250-4,500 sq ft

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This is a raw biochar soil amendment meant to be spread as a top dressing to lawns and beds or worked into the soil.

As with all Carbon Earth products, this is essentially hardwood bio-char that has sat under chicken houses and absorbed their waste. From there it is taken and heated and turned into prills that are used in products like CarbonX (CX DIY) and XGreen (XGN DIY).

XSoil is essentially that base material, juiced up with peptides, and put in bags for us to spread on our lawns and gardens.

Everyone knows that our bio-char is the best because chickens poop on it! Now you can take the biochar-chicken-poo base formula (XSoil) and spread them all over. Loaded with micros and carbon. Put it down at 10-20 lbs/1000, or as frequent light apps.

There are no spreader settings because its not a fertilizer - it’s a soil amendment - it may take you a couple passes to get it out so just go for it. Set the spreader on a middle setting and see what happens - you are not going to burn anything here so no worries. Keep going back and forth over the lawn until you get 10-20lbs/1000 across your patch.

From the Manufacturer:

Featuring a granulated, densified, easy to spread prill with high crush strength for today’s ride-on spreader/sprayers or push spreaders.

It does not require topdressing equipment.

Infused with enzymatic hydrolysis extracted peptides for root stimulation.

30% of soil organic carbon derived from hardwood biochar charged with composted poultry manure.

A completely homogeneous formulation for enhanced distribution.

Designed to be applied once per year in a single high rate application or in low dose multiple application scenarios.