Early Spring Pre-Emergent Lawn Applications

Hey, what's up ya'll? We're only 26 short days from actual Spring and 18 days away from Day Light Savings.

And you know what that means? 1 extra hour each evening to enjoy your... ...well… I don't even need to say it do I?

However… for you Southern folks (warm season lawns) we are right in the window. Get that first Pre-emergent application of prodiamine down this weekend! Make sure to water it in to activate in the soil. Here you can see me doing that using both the granular and/or liquid prodiamine product.

(If you haven't already you can download my step-by-step pre-emergent guide here.)

Next, in this past weekend’s video, you can see a nice green pop in the lawn that I believe came from the potash contained in the prodiamine granular. A nice side benefit. Additionally, I show you my first application of starter fert for the season also mixing in some of the N-Ext joo joo products I've been talking about.


Speaking of the N-ExT joo joo stuff… I’m running a test this year on my back lawn with it. It’s a 500SF area inside the fence. I’m only using N-ExT products back there this year. I may mix them all around and ‘spray and pray’ way more than I should, but I won’t throw any Milo or other fert back there this year… just to see what happens… and you can be sure I’ll film it all along the way and share.

I also took a soil test back there to get some baseline data and then we are going to see what happens with the N levels after a lightning storm. Lightning releases nitrogen into the air that comes down and greens up the lawn -- it’s pretty neat. My thought is that optimizing my soil with the N-ExT products is the best way to get more from that natural nitrogen that the sky is supplying.

“To be an LCN, you must qualify; always maximize your Natural-Sky-Supply” - anyone know that song?

Speaking of that, last week I was out of town, but my wife kept me updated by sending me pics of the lawn like the one below. Ain’t she pretty?

(and those that follow me on Twitter for more updates!)

That’s about all I have going on here at LCNHQ. Getting ready for this weekend’s chores. So with that, I’ll see YOU in the lawn!


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