Early April Lawn Tips For You

Hey y’all hope your week is going well.

My assumption is that a good number of you are working from home right now and that means more time looking at your lawn. I’ve been making all kinds of fun content these past couple weeks and am now working to get it all edited.

I did get out my first video in my Project Lawn Series this past weekend - focused a lot of spraying a bigger lawn with a lawn tractor and pull-behind sprayer. Check that out here if you missed it.


CX DIY (CarbonX) Back In Stock

We have done better this year keeping this in stock but still can’t keep up with demand - it’s just that good!

But for right now, we do have CX 24-0-4 CX DIY Turf & Ornamental Fertilizer
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so for those of you who have been asking, pick it up here.

Our warehouses are still shipping via UPS even now.

24 lb Bags of Prodiamine

I have some info on pre-emergents for you below, but I wanted to point out, we have 24 lb bags of 0-0-7 Prodiamine .38% in stock now for those of you who have smaller lawns and don’t want to have to store leftovers.

To The Tips

I’ve got much more for you in this email and I’m going to lay it out by answering common questions I get this time of the season. I have 10 years worth of vids and there is a lot of good stuff buried in them that I am going to bring out as reminders today.

Spraying Liquids With The Ortho Dial-N-Spray

Even though I showed you a method for spraying bio-stimulants and fertilizers from your garden hose, I still prefer to apply mine to my lawn via hose-end sprayer.

I’ve gone back and forth on which one I like best but in the last 18 months have settled on using the Ortho Dial-N-Spray with the John Perry modifications.

And that is what I want to point out here quick: here is the video where he shows you how to modify your Ortho. (I get asked often where that video is so I figured it to be a good idea to let you know)

If you are having problems getting your Ortho to flow the products, that is the modification to make. Ever since doing that I have had zero problems with application.

Keep in mind also, the Ortho is a cheap piece of kit - so sometimes you will get one that just doesn’t work well no matter what you do.

If that happens, take it back to the store and get another one, it’s worth it to save the frustration, trust me!

Florida Dry Heatwave

My Florida friends - I don’t have to tell you about the long, hot dry spell we are in!

Even my lawn has spots that are struggling and that means it’s time to spot treat with Hydretain.

I will do a fresh video on this coming up, but I figured I’d remind you of the one I did last year showing you just how well it works.

This stuff is no joke, no gimmick, it’s the real deal. Check it out here: (video here too)


Cool Season Lawns

For those of you with Kentucky Bluegrass, Rye, and Fescue, here is the video that Jake and me did last year on our project lawn, published almost exactly 1 year ago.

We take you through some of the beginning strategies in kicking your lawn off right for the season:

One question I often get centers around pre-emergents and rain.

“I have rain coming, should I apply my pre-emergent?”

The answer, for the most part in spring, is “yes.” We don’t typically get hammering thunderstorms in spring rather, instead, more-so nourishing rains that come steadily.

These are perfect for getting your pre-emergent watered in, especially if you have not turned on your irrigation yet. So when in doubt, if rain is coming, Throw’er down!

Another reason I say this is that professional companies like TruGreen rely on these rains too. A good majority of their customers are not watering their lawns yet TruGreen gets excellent results using prodiamine (same product we use).

I worked for TruGreen in Illinois and Indiana for 15 years and one thing we were good at was preventing and killing weeds, even in spite of the fact that most of our customers didn’t water the lawn or even cut it properly.

But there are times when you do get a “heavy downpour” and then the question is “should I re-apply?”

The answer, in most cases, is “no.” Once again, EVERYONE in your area got that same amount of rain and the pro companies are not going to be re-applying all their customers - they’d go broke.

This is why I teach the strategy of “split applications.”

Instead of throwing down one single heavy app - we split the rate in half and apply once as soil temps cross 50F heading to 55F and again, about 45 days later as they are heading to 65F.

This second application will cover over any holes in the first one. Also, I want you to have confidence in the chemistry.

Prodiamine (an active ingredient) has been used for years by pros and DIYers alike and it remains the gold standard pre-emergent for crabgrass. The reason it’s so widely used is that it works, even in adverse conditions.

Reminder: I have FREE pre-emergent guide that takes you through the entire strategy step-by-step. If you have not picked it up, you can download it right here.

That’s all for now, thanks for being a bottom-reader :)
I’ll see you in the lawn.

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