Hydretain Quart with Hose-End Sprayer

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 PLEASE NOTE: that due to a shortage in our normal green and yellow sprayheads for the Hydretain quart bottles, we have had to change to an all green sprayhead with a different dilution rate. The green sprayhead will apply Hydretain at a slower rate than the green and yellow version. Simply follow the application rate instructions on the bottle to ensure proper coverage.

What does Hydretain do?

What this product does is really incredible and don’t ask me exactly how it does it because I’m not a scientist! 

But what Hydretain does is suck humidity out of the air and bring that water down into your grass root system! 

Now what that means is that because you’re getting water sucked into the roots from the air, you can reduce the watering requirements of your lawn by up to 50% or more!

As I've learned after using it, Hydretain is one of those secret ingredients that golf courses, towns, and municipalities use to save on their water bills! 

So why can't us DIYers save too?  

Watch this video to see how I use Hydretain to help reduce the amount of watering I need to do for my lawn:

The application rate for liquid is 6-9 oz/1,000 sq ft.

1 quart = 32 oz

At an app rate of 6 oz/1,000 sq ft this easy-to-use hose-end sprayer will cover ~5,300 sq ft. 

This product cannot go on dry soil, it needs initial soil moisture so apply after a rain or after you've watered.

After applying water in immediately with a full 1/2” of water. This is extremely important, the product needs to get into the soil to work effectively.

The liquid will dry quickly in sunlight so you need to water it in immediately or it will dry on the leaf blades.   

Hydretain will stay in the soil for about 90 days.

So if you live somewhere like Montana you can apply once in June and be set for the summer but if you live somewhere like TX or FL where we have longer seasons, you'd do two applications ~90 days apart.  

Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager reduces the watering requirements of lawns, landscapes, and gardens by up to 50% or more.

Not a wetting agent or polymer, Hydretain is a blend of hygroscopic humectants that convert soil moisture vapor into water droplets that plants can use.

This process improves water and nutrient uptake to help plants thrive, even under heat and drought stress. Kid and pet friendly.

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Due to state laws we can no longer ship to: Oregon