How To Control Nutsedge In Your Lawn

Nutsedge, Nutgrass, Kyllinga, Water Grass - call it what you want, it’s nasty and it’s raging right now. The heatwave last week may have stunted your good turfgrass and now you are watering things back to health and notice these lime green tufts sticking up. Your first thought: Is it crabgrass? If so, that’s another animal - but chances are if it’s sticking up tall and has that square and sharp blade feeling in your hand, it’s nutsedge. Here is some I found in Munster, IN. It certainly sticks out, showing it’s sharp, neon green sword-like leaves amongst some double-dark Kentucky Bluegrass. Additionally, I’ve battled these invaders here in my beautiful St Augustinegrass yard here in SW Florida. Here we see more of the purple nutsedge and green kyllinga. But they are ALL sedges. Now here I sit this year, it’s late July and we have had rain rain rain down here. More and more, longer sustained storms, earlier each...

How To Prep Your Lawn for Vacation & Fixing Gray Leaf Spot Disease

I know many of you are still planning summer vacations away and are wondering about mowing leading up to, and just before you leave, in addition to what to do when you get back. 

Next, I’m getting reports of disease in lawns - especially in the deep south where tropical storm rains pounded us in Florida - and have moved to Hurricane rains through the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Lawn Brown Spots: Do I Have Fungus or Insects? How To Identify Insects and Disease

Lawn Brown Spots - Do I Have Fungus In The Lawn? How To Identify Insects and Disease

DIY Weed Control Is Cheaper Than You Think

What’s up y’all and happy almost Independence Day! Today we are going to do some cost analysis. I sent out an email Sunday announcing our sale we have going through July 7. In that email, I Illustrated the cost of the “Double Dark” which is a simple DIY liquid application you can do in summer to keep the lawn dark green without pushing growth during the heat. You can check out that one here if you missed it. Cost of DIY Lawn Care I got quite a bit of good feedback from that email because I think many times folks get sticker shocked at the cost of a product or pack - in this case, the Double Dark (2.5 gallons of MicroGreen and 2.5 gallons of Greene Effect) comes out to a cost of about $15 per application for a 5,000 sq ft lawn. (see the calculations here) Ended up that I got some very good feedback from that and...

4th of July Sale on All N-Ext Products

What’s up y’all - Happy Sunday Funday! This is a big week coming up here - Independence Day is Thursday, July 4, and you are probably using this very weekend, right now, to prepare the lawn for all the family fun. Now, I’ve got plenty of tips on board for you this week, including a new video coming out today on The Lawn Care Nut YouTube Channel putting the Honda HRX and Toro Super Recycler “Head To Head” in a cutting competition - should be super fun. Tweet me and let me know if you’re on #TeamHonda or #TeamToro - The YouTube video discussion is heating up this week in the comments section! All N-Ext Products - $5 Off June 30 - July 7 No coupon codes needed, just head over to the Soil Optimization section on the website and all packs, including the “choose your own adventure” packs are reduced $5 already. Summer Double Dark Want some double dark blue-green turf...