How Much Nitrogen To Put On Your Lawn This Summer

Hello there Lawn Care Nuts and welcome to “almost Memorial Day weekend!”It’s a big weekend for many reasons, primarily in remembering those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Those sacrifices are what allow us to enjoy such a weekend at home with family, in our lawns. Thank you!It’s also kind of what I call the “send off into summer” lawn application time of the season. As you guys know, I’m not a fan of pushing too much nitrogen in the heat of summer.Don’t get me wrong, I want the lawn to stay green and growing - especially if you are irrigating properly - but there are times when it just gets too hot for the turf and it stresses.Pushing growth on it during these times can actually stunt it, hard.That said, we are not there yet!In fact, the end of May is the perfect time to really get your lawn going with a nice, final push of growth to...

How To Prevent Lawn Fungus & Disease

This is part 3 of a 3-part series on preventing lawn fungus and disease in your lawn.Part 1 is a podcast/video segment here.Part 2 is a video explaining the products used in the “Bullet Proof Lawn Disease Strategy”.Part 3 is this page going over the products and their costs (all products found at Home Depot - not sponsored) Instagram Allyn Hane   Let’s go:Lawn fungus and disease, they are going to be talked about quite a bit over the next several weeks, I can already feel it.Here in the air just today in Florida I can feel the humidity rising and the heat along with it. There is also cloud cover which is holding the humidity low. It’s thick to breathe. As I look further to the north up into the transition zone where there is Zoysia and Turf Type Tall Fescue, even some Centipede, I am seeing similar conditions. Then I keep going north and east and come to Newark, New Jersey.They’ve been living through lots...

How To Get Rid Of Grass Seed Heads

Here's how to get rid of lawn grass seed heads with malice!

How To Get A Double Dark Green Lawn

To really nail the double dark green lawn this summer you'll have to get your timing right.

Pre-Emergent Got Snowed On and First Cut Zoysia Update

ALERT: I am getting multiple emails and posts on FB asking “is this poa trivialis?” “is this “poa annua?” is this “goose, dallis or crabgrass?” etc etc. to the point where people are getting anxiety over it! I’ll be addressing this on the podcast this week so be sure to subscribe! Now to this week’s regularly scheduled email... Hello Lawn Care Nut! I’ve got so much to share this week and I hope you’ll enjoy it all! First off, I had a good time making this week’s primary video entitled, “Lawn Care Tips For Beginners” which is kind of a rehash of 3 core basics to our strategy. It’s always a good idea to get back to basics and it’s definitely fun for me to try and make the same content fresh year after year. What’s funny about those beginners videos is they also serve as a good reminder to me, too. And the primary one of those being frequent...