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XSTART Starter Fertilizer From Carbon Earth Co - 50lb bag

by Allyn Hane 27 Aug 2019

XSTART Starter Fertilizer

You do not need any other fertilizer. This is not your typical synthetic big box store starter fert. It’s one of Matt Martin’s greatest creations and it’s 100% complete - no other inputs needed. If you are seeding or sodding, follow the program above and that is all you need - no additional fertilizer needed. (you do still need to water!)

Directly from Carbon Earth Co - This is a complete product for growing a lawn from seed, sod or plugs. Since this is a new product, I wanted to provide a little more info for you in case you are not sure of its uses.


First off: this is a great product but it isn't "the only way to grow seed." You can grow seed with good soil contact and water alone! But if you want to improve your chances of overall success, products like

If you are seeding your lawn - whether on bare ground (a completely new lawn) or overseeding an existing lawn, XSTART can give you the nutrient load you need to get roots in quickly. The steps below apply the same for seeding, plugging or sodding.

Step 1: Apply 3lbs/1000 sq ft right on top of your new seed (same day) and water it all in together. (if sodding/plugging, apply to ground before sod if possible)

Step 2: 14-21 days after germination, apply again at 3lbs/1000 (same timing for sod/plugs)

Step 3: Once turf is established; about 45 days (2 mowings) for cool season grasses, you can pick up with regular fertilizing using a product like Milorganite, CarbonX or XGreeN

**Bio-Stimulants are not recommended with this product. It’s complete and formulated to do all the work, just from one bag. If you have RGS, Humic12, MicroGreene or Air8, utilize those after the new grow is established, typically 2 mowings. (30 days for sod)

If you have some XSTART leftover after your seeding or sodding, it’s a great all around fertilizer if you have a soil test that tells you you are low in all 3 macros, N-P-K.

Keep it to 3lbs/1000.

Note: this product should not be applied to wet turfgrass. This can cause product to stick to grass blades when we want it down into the canopy. If the soil is wet/damp that is ok - but if the grass blades are wet, wait to apply - let them dry.

Product should be watered in with ¼” of rainfall or irrigation.

Spreader Settings

  • Earthway 2600A - Setting 15 will deliver 3lbs/1000 on a single pass.
  • Scotts Edgeguard - Setting 7 will deliver 3lbs/1000 on a single pass.
(all Scotts spreaders with the orange dial should be a setting 7)


This product prill size is not as large as CarbonX, but not as small as XGreeN. It will spread fairly easily from most homeowner spreaders. If you are not super experienced, I recommend you start your spreader on a notch or two lower setting until you see how the product is going to flow for you. I’d rather you go light the first pass and have to go back so you don’t waste it. A little goes a long way.


Here is my friend Paul from Paul’s Prime Cuts giving you the rundown on all the technical goodness of this product:

If you want to know the best time to seed your lawn where you live, view the video below where I walk you through the 45 day window you need, and show you how to find that window for you exact area where you live:


That said, many of you are going to be looking for a starter fertilizer to throw down on top of your seed.

If you have my cool-season lawn plan, I actually tell you to get some starter fert cheap at Walmart and also thrown down mass amounts of Milorganite along with it.

The combination of the cheap starter fert and Milo gives you a lot of nutrients.


However, if you want another option, I’ve found something better and easier and it comes from my friend Matt Martin at Carbon Earth Co.

Many of you have already heard about it and have been asking if I’d get some in the shop so I placed an order. This is the only load I plan to get so it is definitely limited in quantity.

XSTART Starter Fertilizer from Carbon Earth Co

We have a complete description for you on our website telling you all the great things about XSTART, but here are a few nuggets:

50 lb bag
8-24-4 analysis
3 lbs/1,000 recommended rate
Bag covers 16,600 sq ft

You will notice right off that this product is loaded with Phosphorus. That is because phos is what stimulates rooting, and rooting is the very most important process with a new grow in.

The thicker, healthier the roots, the more top growth can be supported and that’s needed as the days here into the fall are getting shorter and shorter.

The phos in XSTART will make your seed or sod dive deep, quick. Also, the way XSTART is formulated is designed to keep the phos plant available so it doesn’t get locked up in the soil.


xstart starter fertilizer

On top of this, there is a whole bunch of super “sciencey” reasoning behind some of the other additions like micronutrient zinc riding along with fulvic acid as a chelator, sea kelp as growth stimulant and then of course, that naturally infused bio-char that is great for overall soil health and improvement.

You Don’t Need Anything Else
XSTART is a 100% complete product for the establishment of new turf from seed, sod or plugs.

You do not need to apply anything else to your grow in if you use XSTART.

1 application at 3 lbs/1,000 the day of seed/sod/plugs.
1 application at 3 lbs/1,000 14-21 days later.
You can then pick up your regular fertilization schedule after 45 days or 2 mowings.

No additional bio-stimulants or fertilizers are needed and in fact, they are not recommended at all.

XSTART is that well formulated. So if you have bio-stimulants on hand (RGS, Air8, Humic12), just save those for after the 45 day grow in is complete.


Important Note: some states and/or municipalities have restrictions on the use of phosphorus-containing fertilizers.

Some areas outright ban the use; others allow it when you are seeding, sodding or plugging and still others allow it if you have a soil test to justify the need.

As the homeowner and applicator, it is your responsibility to know your local laws and ordinances.

Hear From The Pros
If you want a complete rundown of everything that is in the bag, please watch this video from my friend Paul - owner of Paul’s Prime Cuts and turf professional who uses Carbon Earth products on his customer yards and will be incorporating XSTART in his overseedings this fall.

Note: if you want a liquid version of starter fertilizer, we will have the Greene County Fertilizer N-Ext Greene Pop available as of August 30.

So if you prefer to go liquid, I just wanted you to know that is coming in a few days.

Final Note - CarbonX now available in California, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

We have obtained the proper labeling arrangements for CarbonX in these states and are making it available as of today.

Only caveat is that we had to add a little more to cover shipping out to the West Coast. I hope that as our business grows, we are able to obtain storage space out that way which will allow us to keep the shipping cost lower.

Until then we did want to make it available for those of you who want to jump on the CX train.

XGRN and XSTART are not currently available in those states but we are working on it.

I’ll see you in the lawn!

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