Treat Yourself This Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Week to all the dads and sons out there!

As you all know, yard work is one of the best ways for fathers and sons to work together and accomplish goals while building a healthy relationship.

So first off, make sure you take time this weekend to reach out to your dad or son and get outside together.

Speaking to dads everywhere, I have some items discounted from now until Sunday that you could get and “Treat Yourself” this Father's Day.

Since you can’t find Milorganite anywhere on shelves these days, maybe you want to at least represent what could have been with a camo cap, officially licensed khaki cap and coolies or gray on-the-go polo. All on sale now, here.

Also, I did just get a fresh batch of lawn journals in and have them discounted with stickers and coolies or just by themselves.

Lawn Flags are also fun for gags - we have an assortment that you can use for yourself - or give them to friends - they come with stakes too - same exact flags the pros use to mark when they have done an application, but these are custom to our needs.

Since summer is just about here, and we have been talking a lot about watering your lawn this week, Hydretain is also on sale for the rest of this week and can be a nice complement to your strategy for when we have those extra dry, hot days (be sure to water it in - this is the key to getting it to work - it’s got to be watered in, ½”).


For my friends with warm season turf, I discounted all grass plugs if you are coming into your rainy season like I am here and want to fill in some bare spots or sections that died from the last heat spell - now is the time to act.

All the free water and free nitrogen we will be getting during the rainy season will help those plugs fill in quickly.

Lastly - if you want to add a little extra flair to your mailbox this Summer (especially Independence Day July 4) I was able to install my Fence Armor flag wrap so you could see it.

It comes with a regular white armor that is used to protect your mailbox post year-round but also has the America Flag wrap for those special occasions or all year round (HOA permitting).

mailbox post american flag

Either way, I’ve discounted that mailbox protection $10 for this promotion as well. It’s unique and serves a good purpose, that’s for sure.

I’ll shoot some more videos on Fence Armor coming up - it’s a cool product and is needed - especially if you hate it when your weed whacker takes chunks out of your wood posts.


In case you missed it, I do have plenty of tips on board for you this week.

I started talking about setting up your irrigation by taking the #TunaCanChallenge and showed you how to create a strategy if you have an in ground irrigation system.



lawn watering zones

In the second video in that series, I’ll be showing you how the strategy plays out if you have manual sprinklers that you have to move around.

The key is to NOT get stuck in the “I have to water every Mon-Wed-Friday" kind of deal. Instead, you can think of it like an “always be watering” scenario where you run the schedule based on need.

It’s actually much easier this way and you will really learn your land in the process. That video is coming up this weekend!

Until then, I did go over quite a bit of the strategy, and a whole lot more in my recent podcast (YouTube) that you can download and listen to here (Apple Podcasts) and here (Spotify).

lawn signs


Lawn Fungus/Disease

I’ve also been seeing a lot more activity online of people reporting lawn diseases. Keep in mind, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that definitely holds true with lawn diseases like brown patch which are starting to flare up.

You can review my Bullet Proof Disease Strategy here and get products at Home Depot right away.

Even if the disease has started to manifest, getting this two-way action plan implemented is important and can act as a curative, as well as preventative (or to stop disease from spreading).

Here is the Scotts DiseaseEx we use in that strategy, same price on Amazon as in stores.

Lawn Plans - Not Too Late

I know I say this every week, but it’s not too late to get started taking care of your lawn.

The easiest way to get started learning how to spread granular products on your lawn is with grub control and when you purchase either my cool season turf (Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Rye, Fescue) or warm season turf (St Augustine -including Floratam, Bermuda, Bahia, Centipede, and Zoysia) you get a fully illustrated “how to get started guide” free that walks your through applying grub control to the lawn.

I also have video support right here that shows you “how to apply” based on what I teach you in that beginner's guide. There is no easier way to get started “throwing down” all on your own.

As I say all the time, lawn care is NOT that difficult.

Once you apply once or twice, you will come to learn it very quickly and have the confidence to do even more and more… so if there is one thing you do over the next couple weeks, get the guide and get started.

I’ll see you in the lawn!


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