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What’s up ya’ll? I hope your June is going well!

This week is pretty quick. I get a lot of questions across our social channels. This one has come up quite a few times here in the last few weeks.

I believe this is because some of you coming out of winter were able to limp your current mower through until now. But now that summer is picking up, and you are into your summer weeknight lawn work mowing pattern, you are looking to replace and possibly even upgrade. Here is where I’m at right now, June 4, 2018.

Best Mower I Can Recommend?

Teddy from Maryland asks:

I have a quick mower recommendation question that I was hoping you could help me with. I'm torn between the Toro Recycler (20340) Toro Super Recycler with Honda Motor (20382) and the Honda HRX217VKA. I know that you're planning on a comparison between the Honda and SR and am hoping to get a sneak peek into your opinion. I really like the price of the Recycler, but am wondering if the step up in price is worth it for the Honda or SR. Cut quality is the most important thing for me. I'm in Maryland and my lawn is just short of a half acre, slightly uneven but not hilly ground. My lawn is primarily Kentucky Bluegrass.

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Hey Bro - these are great questions.

Hands down, I recommend you consider a TimeMaster. You didn’t mention this one on your wish list, and it may be a little large for your lawn, but at least consider it. Best cut quality of any mower I have ever used, and just feels like a beast when you mow. Has a good sound to it. Also has Personal Pace which is my favorite drive system for comfort and speed when needed.

If you want to stick with the 21" then your only choices for superior cut quality are Super Recycler or Honda HR

To save money, you can get the Honda HRR mower - not the HRX (the Nexite deck is nice but not necessary)

Those HRR mowers have the same dual blade system that really impressed me about the Honda. But they are cheaper. However, I have only used the "select drive" self-propelled and I don't care for it.

Check out my review again if you haven't already

For the Super Recycler - you don't need the Honda engine unless you just want to be nutty. It's by far a better engine but the Toro branded motor that comes standard will do you just fine for years. Run non-ethanol fuel and keep the oil changed, I use Mobile 1 full synthetic down here in this Florida heat and long season.

The thing about that Toro is that Personal Pace. I just love the way that runs and that wins it for me every time.

There you go. That's how I feel about it now... bare in mind that I have:

  • not used a Honda HRR but am assuming the cut quality is just as good from that dual blade and because Honda is just straight up a first class company and I think everything they do is high quality.
  • I have not tried other Honda mowers that have their Smart Drive - only the "Select Drive" which was not my favorite.
  • I have not used a Super Recycler in a while. I always loved my 2012 Super Recycler but I gave it away to a fan of the show last year. I’ll be getting another one soon.

Hope that helps you. I did not mention the regular Recycler. It's a great mower and for that price point, I think it's a real good machine. Very good machine actually.

But it can't compare to the others in cut quality. It's just a different target market machine and it's got a great place in the lineup. The SmartStow is really nice - I use it often but I do have a mower addiction so any space I can save it worth it.

PS- don't forget to at least consider that TimeMaster.

Lastly - my friend Dan has been doing reviews of his new Honda and they are very good as well.

Now I know this email may elicit a lot of responses from you guys, and that’s cool. I do want to test other mower brands but keep in mind, I need to mow at 4” minimum and so many mowers on the market these days only cut to a height of 3.75” - that’s tough for me to justify even trying. That said, if you want to tell me of a mower I should try out, please tweet me and let me know why.

I’ll see you in the lawn!

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