Behind the Scenes: How the LCN Journals Started

Lawn Journals

Note For You Mega Fans: Want to know where the term “lawn journal” came from? It’s not what you think actually. Don’t get me wrong, I have always kept lawn notes, for years. But not in a formal journal like I do now. I just wrote stuff down on notebook paper or printer paper and kept it in manilla folders along with product labels and such. Scribbles, everywhere; disorganized for sure.

Last October, I happened to have this small red notebook laying around after a conference and I just started writing in it. But if you click here and watch the Halloween Domination video (it’s set to 291 seconds) you will see where I introduced that red lawn journal as a bit of a goof!

Thing is, a bunch of you when you saw that, went out and got your own. You started sending me pictures and messages telling me how writing in the journal and documenting your lawn care was therapeutic. Here is one of those messages from a dude in Georgia - he had made his own lawn journal:

From there, if you watch the progression of my videos since last October, you will see that I have REALLY started to formally document everything I do. I’ve gotten colored fine point markers and started sketching my product calculations. This really helps me absorb the details, and it’s definitely therapeutic, you may even call it, “Nutty.”

If you truly want to learn - I always, always say: “Repetition is the key to learning.” Part of that repetition, at least for me, is actually writing or drawing the details. The act of putting pen to paper really drives home concepts and strategies and definitely helps me visualize so I can be a better applicator. Love your land my friends, and keep records of it!

Anyways, just a fun little behind the scenes of how some of these things come to fruition! 


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