Reading My Lawn Soil Test

Hey what’s up lawn lovers?First off, let me apologize for not putting up a video last weekend. I did shoot one but just was not able to get to the editing. I’ll have it done sometime later this week. In the meantime, I do have some good nuggets for you...

Spring prep, warm season, cool season and transition zone lawns

Question from the field: “Allyn, if I apply my pre-emergent and get a heavy downpour right after, did it all wash away?” This is a tough one to logic your way through. I totally understand the feeling that have about it. You really need it to work and are wondering if you should re-apply.

Last Chance to Throw'er Down! [New eBook]

What’s up ya’ll, hope you’re having a successful week! This post is going to be long, so pack a lunch. Let’s lead off with soil temps and pre-emergent windows. As you know, I’ve been flogging my pre-emergent guide all over the internet the last 6 weeks, and in that guide,...

Early Spring Pre-Emergent Lawn Applications

Spring Lawn Care Tips: Spring pre-emergent herbicides are very important - here's why.