Lawn Care In The First Days of Spring

What’s up lawn lovers! How is that daylight savings time working out for you on this very first day of Spring? Here in Southwest Florida, the sun is setting right about 7:45 PM or so which is great, but what’s even better is sunrise comes late at about 7:45 AM… meaning I can get up and see it!Here’s one from my favorite spot in downtown St Pete, FL, overlooking Tampa Bay. Regardless of daylight savings time and our clocks, the days are definitely getting longer. Longer daylight hours mean more time to #EnjoyTheMow because your lawn is grabbing more sunlight for photosynthesis. The days are now over 12 hours long here as of just the last few days. Check out this cool (eye) chart I got from here. Today, the first day of spring, my daylight will last 12 hours, 7 minutes. If you look at just a little more than a month later, end of April (April 30), that’s...

Reading My Lawn Soil Test

Hey what’s up lawn lovers?First off, let me apologize for not putting up a video last weekend. I did shoot one but just was not able to get to the editing. I’ll have it done sometime later this week. In the meantime, I do have some good nuggets for you email subscribers. But first...If you haven't already picked up the warm season lawn Hybrid Organic, Step-By-Step Guide or Prodiamine granular now is the time (it's back in stock and sells out insanely fast). Click here to buy the guideClick here for Prodiamine granular Now onto the main event... Soil Tests I know you guys all like to do them. It makes you feel all “sciencey” and stuff right? Like you are really gathering data for a greater cause! But I have a little bit different feeling about them. As many of you know that I utilize Soil Savvy in my own testing. Reason being is If you follow along on...

Spring prep, warm season, cool season and transition zone lawns

Question from the field: “Allyn, if I apply my pre-emergent and get a heavy downpour right after, did it all wash away?” This is a tough one to logic your way through. I totally understand the feeling that have about it. You really need it to work and are wondering if you should re-apply.

Last Chance to Throw'er Down! [New eBook]

What’s up ya’ll, hope you’re having a successful week! This post is going to be long, so pack a lunch. Let’s lead off with soil temps and pre-emergent windows. As you know, I’ve been flogging my pre-emergent guide all over the internet the last 6 weeks, and in that guide, we talk about exactly what to put down on the lawn to prevent nasties like crabgrass, foxtail, poa annua... even doveweed and kyllinga.I started early with that this year so you could literally, get ahead. Get your products in stock in the garage and ready for deployment on the slightest notice.Well, for a good majority of you, consider this your final warning, it’s go time. The reason I know this is because I can see the soil temps where you live and I’m telling you… it’s GO TIME! In my video this week, I talked about soil temps (briefly) and exposed you to this tool that allows you to put...

Early Spring Pre-Emergent Lawn Applications

Spring Lawn Care Tips: Spring pre-emergent herbicides are very important - here's why.