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First off, let me apologize for not putting up a video last weekend. I did shoot one but just was not able to get to the editing. I’ll have it done sometime later this week. In the meantime, I do have some good nuggets for you email subscribers. But first...

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Now onto the main event...

Soil Tests

I know you guys all like to do them. It makes you feel all “sciencey” and stuff right? Like you are really gathering data for a greater cause! But I have a little bit different feeling about them. As many of you know that I utilize Soil Savvy in my own testing. Reason being is If you follow along on the channel, you know that I tested the soil in my backyard… a spot that is about 500 sq ft inside the fence bordering my pool.

I’m actually running tests back there this year where I will only apply products available to homeowners from the N-Ext line of soil additives. No other fert will be applied. I’m counting on the natural nitrogen that gets released in our frequent Florida lightning storms to really push that little spot to its full potential.

Here are the results from that test:

Now before I go telling you what I glean from this, let me talk a bit about why I use Soil Savvy.

Soil Savvy is not sponsoring this. I use their kits for two reasons:

1. Because they give them to me free because they know I will talk about them

2. Once I use the kit, I have an extreme urge to share the data with you, and I think Soil Savvy knows that so they keep sending me more free kits.

If you do want to purchase one, here is my affiliate link: CLICK HERE

Now for real... why Soil Savvy? Reason being is their technology measures nutrients in the soil that are currently available for plant uptake, not just “total nutrient value” overall. The reason this is important is that the whole point of the N-Ext products is to optimize your soil so that more of the naturally existing elements are MADE available.

This is why I have said before, the reason I’m on board with all this “Humic and Fulvic acid joo joo” is that those acids are “chelators.” They marry-up with elements that are not available to the plant and bridge the gap so they can be!

This is the 500 SF section I’m referencing. This was taken Jan 30 before any applications.

Remember, N-Ext stands for “Nitrogen Extension” although the products, on the whole, do much more than just extend your N.

The reason I even did this test in the first place is I want to see how much “natural nitrogen” we can squeeze out of this soil. It’s either there already and we just need the Nitrogen-fixing bacteria to kick in harder, or it will get added during the next lightning storm or both. (There is some “N” in some of the N-Ext products but it’s minute at the rates we apply.)

I’ll be testing again in about 60 days to see if we notice any differences.

So what do I see in the test above?

1. Remember, no fert has been applied to this part of my property outside of a fall Milo app last year. Nothing before that, and nothing after (fert wise) and that last app is long gone.

Another thing to know is that applied Nitrogen doesn’t really last too long in sandy soil anyway. In short, I expected a low reading here. This is great, now we can really put the “nitrogen extension” mantra to the test going forward through the season.

2. The phos being off the charts is not normal for the soil in my area. The rest of the yard doesn’t test this way. My assumption is that a good portion of the soil in this area, especially closer to the pool, is just construction fill and probably leftover aggregate that was used beneath the pavers. Whatever they used, it’s high in phos, and it’s under the lawn.

3. We need some potash! I’ll be getting that from my N-Ext Air8 product. It’s analysis is 0-0-5. I plan to add this into my program every 3 weeks or so - 6oz/1000 rate.

-- Note: if I was not conducting this experiment, I’d immediately switch to Ringer Lawn Restore for at least 2 of my spring fert applications. Put it down at 10LBs/1000 square ft. The analysis for Ringer is 10-0-6. (N-P-K) which is perfect for this situation. (Again, I’m not doing that, I’m sticking with my Air8. But you could do both if you like. Throw’er Down!)

-- Again, referring to a test similar to the above, if I was not conducting my experiments, I’d 100% for sure be using the granular prodiamine 0-0-7 for my first pre-emergent app. I did use it in my front lawn, and I definitely noticed an easily visible turf response a few days after the prodiamine app.

4. Micronutrients are needed big time! And guess what we have for that? 0-0-2 Microgreen. Now the key here is to “spoon feed” these into the lawn at small doses. Since I’m going to be adding 6oz/1000 of the Air8 every 3 weeks, I’m also going to spike in 3oz/1000 of the Microgreen. That is a very solid combination that will pretty much clear up everything I see here in this test. It’s like a perfect cocktail designed to fill my exact needs - and nothing more. Pretty cool right?

-- If I were not running this test... I'd also still be throwing down MILO all summer to give myself some additional iron and slow release nitrogen. I’d probably have it backed down to about 5LBs/1000 ( ¼ LB/N) but still push it down every 4 weeks or so.

-- But I’m going to be getting mega lightning storms during that time. Here in coastal FL, we get lightning storms just about every afternoon. They only last 20 minutes or so and cool things off, making a good excuse to have a beer in the garage. Anyway… lightning releases nitrogen into the air that is then brought down and taken in by turf immediately. In fact, you can literally see a lawn darkening during a storm. The effect is that immediate. Good thing I have some nitrogen extension products in my soil to help me “capture” more of that good N!

-- Note: If you live in an area with fert blackouts (a good piece of FL) then you can run the 0-0-2 all summer at a 3oz/1000 rate. Spray it every 3 weeks and you will have a sustained color for total domination, no doubt.

Lastly, I did try something a little crazy over the weekend that I did film, and will be sharing. I actually mixed up what I’m calling an “Epic Dose” of N-Ext products and sprayed them all under the cover of darkness. Subscribe to the channel to see the results!

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