[N-Ext] Soil Activator Pack

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Wonder Twin Powers; ACTIVATE! So you’re ready to break out the big guns?

Frequently touted as “Lawn Joo-Joo” and “Unicorn Pee” by myself and other members of the Lawn Care Nut community - these N-Ext products are the real deal.

Many of our newly minted Lawn Care Nuts ask, what do these N-Ext products do?

And that’s a good question.

In a nutshell, they supercharge your lawn growth, improve soil chemistry, and stimulate roots, rhizomes, and stolons in your grass.

This happens because they optimize and unlock nutrients in the soil so that your turf roots can pull out more naturally existing soil nutrients.

And at the same time, they create an ecosystem that self sustains cohesively and needs very little outside input other than the occasional dusting of nutrients.

The Soil Activator Pack

What's included in the Soil Activator Pack:

  • N-Ext RGS (1 gallon)
  • N-Ext Air8 0-0-5 (1 gallon)
  • N-Ext D-Thatch 3-0-0 (1 gallon)
  • N-Ext GreeNe EfFect 7-0-0 (1 gallon)

Here’s a brief description of what is happening with these products. After you read I’m sure you’ll see why we call it “Lawn Joo-Joo”.

RGS - Stands for Root Growth Stimulator and that’s exactly what it does.
This product is packed with hormones from sea kelp that stimulate roots and stolons/rhizomes coupled with chelating Humic Acid.

It’s truly the backbone of the Bio-Stim program, hands down, and has the highest concentration of Sea Kelp hormones in the line. It’s never a bad time to apply RGS to your soil. If you want to stimulate roots, rhizomes and/or stolons (depending on grass type) then RGS is the best place to start!

Air-8 - Liquid Aeration
What if I told you that mechanical aeration isn’t the best way to loosen up the soil and allow grass roots to spread? Blasphemy, right?

If the lawn care world was the Catholic Church I’d be kicked out quicker than Martin Luther.

But think about it like this, the purpose of aeration is to produce more surface area in the soil, right?

Air-8 does that by driving down into the soil and breaking up bonds between all the molecules down there creating space. Every bond that is broken creates more air space (aka greater soil surface area) where grass roots can then spread and grow.

Now, I do still recommend mechanical aeration as a way to make a good seed bed if you are doing an overseeding. Poking all those holes really does help keep everything from washing away.

Plus, running an aerator is a butt-kicking that everyone needs to experience at least once in their life! However, if you are not seeding, then just spray down Air-8 and you will get great results and never need to rent an aerator again.

D-Thatch 3-0-0 Thatch Digester
Okay so first off, what is Thatch?

Thatch is the layer of dead turfgrass lying between your healthy turfgrass and soil/root system. It usually consists of stems, stolons, rhizomes, and roots that haven’t decomposed.

Why is this bad?

If it becomes too thick, the thatch layer blocks air, water, and nutrients from seeping down into the root system, which are needed to help your grass thrive.

Having this layer is also bad because it promotes diseases and insect infestations in your lawn. Reason being all those nutrients and water are just hanging out in the thatch layer which the microbes and insects treat as a buffet.

How does D-Thatch help this?
D-Thatch is used for one thing and one thing only. To chew through that top layer of thatch and get good grass to soil contact.

We also want thatch to go back into the soil and turn into nutrients for the lawn. We don’t want to scrape it off and send it to the dump.

What’s great with the D-Thatch is that it accelerates the decomposition of those stems, stolons, rhizomes, and roots so they can go back down into your soil and become nutrients for the lawn.

If you want a more in-depth look at what D-Thatch does watch this video:

7-0-0 GreeNe EfFect Turf & Ornamental Fertilizer Plus 6% Iron
Analysis: 7-0-0

This means 7% of the liquid is nitrogen (remember, the 3 numbers are your macros, N-P-K). But there is also a note that this product contains 6% Iron.

What this is literally telling you is:
7% of everything in this bottle in nitrogen
6% of everything in this bottle is iron

On the label for Warm and Cool Season turf the application rate recommended is 8 oz/gallon/1,000 sq ft.

Here’s the end result of breaking down the math into lbs/1,000 sq ft:

You’ll get 0.04 lbs N with an 8 oz/gallon application rate. Not much to write home about right? You guys are used to putting down some real “pounds on the ground” and at least getting .5 or .75 lbs/N per 1000… but that’s with our granular apps.

That’s where the other piece kicks in and that’s the Fe - our old buddy IRON!

Iron is what gives lawns a deeper “blue” look that really sets them off. Our best friend Milo contains iron and that’s one reason we love him… but sometimes, you need just a little boost in between and that’s where this product really does shine.

You’ll get .038 lbs Fe with an 8 oz/gallon application rate (remember, 1 gallon covers 1,000 square feet). Which also seems unimpressive until you remember the following facts.

Nitrogen is a “Macronutrient” meaning there is a lot more of it needed for optimum plant health. In fact, it’s the mack-daddy of the macros! We lawn care nuts are addicted to it!

But there are some drawbacks to too much N - namely - over-pushing of growth. I think we do just fine with our N rates, pushing them to the max using Milo of course.

Iron, on the other hand, is a “Micronutrient” meaning you only need small, spoon-fed amounts in order to push plants to optimum levels. It takes much less “pounds on the ground” of iron to get a visual response.

The recommended amount of iron in the soil is 2-4 ppm. Nitrogen on the other hand, is 8-16 ppm.

And that is where the secret weapon of the 7-0-0 GreeneEffect is revealed.

The iron is like a little liquid green bomb that you can apply in between your regular fert apps to keep everything looking double dark WITHOUT pushing a flush of growth. The N that is in the product is certainly going to help, but it’s really the iron we want.

So how long will this 4 gallon pack last you?

1 gallon = 128 oz

Suggested application rates are:

  • RGS - 3 oz/1,000 sq ft
  • Air-8 - 6 oz/1,000 sq ft
  • D-Thatch - 6 oz/1,000 sq ft
  • Greene Effect - 8 oz/1,000 sq ft

For a 5,000 sq ft lawn: 

You will get 8.5 total applications of RGS: 

3 oz/1,000 sq ft x 5 = 15 oz

128 oz/15 oz = 8.5 total applications 

You will get ~4 total applications of Air-8 and D-Thatch: 

6 oz/1,000 sq ft x 5 = 30 oz

128 oz/30 oz = 4.26 total applications 

You will get ~3 total applications of Greene Effect: 

8 oz/1,000 sq ft x 5 = 40 oz

128 oz/40 oz = 3.2 total applications

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You'll receive a box with 4 Gallons (1 of each).

Depending on mix rates the Soil Activator Pack will be enough for a 10,000 square ft lawn and last 1 year (with a little leftover) if you are aggressive.

When you purchase you'll also receive a copy of my Bio-Stimulant guide with a lot more info on each of these products and exact recommendations on when and how much to put down (via email).