Lawn Disease Control - Propiconazole 14.3% Select Fungicide

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We talk often about lawn diseases and how to prevent them or cure them. As part of that, we talk about the “bullet proof strategy” for lawn fungus. This essentially means applying to fungicides that have different active ingredients and different modes of action in order to hit the disease from two angles - either as a preventative, or as a “rescue” or curative.

That strategy involves two active ingredients: Propiconazole and Azoxystrobin. This product here is the propiconazole and it is a liquid concentrate that you mix in water in a pump or battery sprayer and apply to the lawn as a liquid.

In employing the bullet proof strategy, the primary targeted lawn disease is brown patch or large patch. Propiconazole doesn’t do well against these by itself, but when used along with azoxystrobin it does.

There is one other disease we talk about often that propiconazole does work well on and that is dollar spot. You will see this in cool season lawns in the early to mid-summer in most cases. This is actually one of the best fungicides to either prevent dollar spot, or to stop it once it manifests.

There are many other lawn diseases listed on the label that propiconazole can work on but the ones mentioned here are what we focus on most.

We have propiconazole is a 1 pint (16 oz) and 1 gallon (128 oz) offering. The rates of application vary but we will still do some math for you so you know what you are getting and how much you can expect it to cover.

If you utilize the 2oz/1,000 sq ft rate, you will get 8,000 sq ft of coverage from the pint and you will get 64,000 sq ft of coverage from the gallon.

This is a professional formulation and should be applied from a battery sprayer or pump sprayer. It is not to be applied from a hose end sprayer like the Orth Dial N Spray. It does not deliver enough precision for this product.


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From the Manufacturer:

Propiconazole 14.3 Fungicide is a broad spectrum fungus and disease control product that systemically kills a range of diseases and protect a variety of flowers, cool and warm season grasses, shrubs, and trees.

The microemulsion formulation helps the product stay mixed once it is placed in a sprayer, produces less of an odor, and efficiently covers a lot of foliage. Controlling diseases for 7 days to an entire season, depending on the disease or fungus, the product is a great fungicide to mix with other products, to control a wider range of diseases.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient: Propiconazole - 14.3%

Target: pests Rusts, Pink & Gray Snow Mold, Gray Leaf Spot, Zoysia Patch, Dollar Spot, Summer Patch, Anthracnose, Leaf Spot, Brown Patch, Powdery Mildew

  • See label for complete list
  • For use in Nursery, Landscape, Turf-grass, Trees, Golf Courses, Tree Injection
  • Application .5 - 4 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. (22 - 176 oz. per acre)
  • See label for complete application instructions

Pet safe: Yes, if used as directed on Label

Formulation: Professional Product, Group 3 Fungicide

- We do not ship to AK, HI, OR and/or PO Boxes.
- Typically delivered in 5-9 business days.