GreenePunch™ 18-0-1 Fertilizer

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GreenePunch™ 18-0-1

GreenePunch™ 18-0-1 is the Nitrogen foundation product of the N-Ext™ full liquid fertility Program. Recommended application rates of GreenePunch™ 18-0-1 vary depending on turf types, instructions will come inside the box. This is not a product for beginners. It can be a replacement for regular fertilizer applications for those of you who prefer a liquid application method. It can also be used to really "Punch Up" your lawn's color in between regular Milo/Ringer applications but again, not for beginners. It is NOT recommended to be applied from a hand can/pump sprayer - must be applied with larger quantities of water making a hose-end sprayer the best choice for the homeowner. When in doubt, pre-water the lawn, apply GreenePunch, water again.

GreenePunch™ 18-0-1 Lawn Fertilizer is engineered to be a complete product for all varieties of turfgrass. It is formulated to produce a quick green-up response and maintain consistent color for 6-8 weeks. It makes a great fall fertilizer again, for those who prefer a liquid option.

GreenePunch™ 18-0-1 will produce a strong root mass which will grow deeply into the soil. It will stimulate soil activity necessary for building sustainable fertility.

Typical application rates are 15-18 oz per 1,000 sq ft.

We have two offerings. 4 gallons (4, 1 gallon jugs) 5 gallons (2, 2.5 gallon jugs)

At the app rate of 15 oz/1000 you will get 8,500 sq foot of coverage from a single gallon.

Keep this in mind when you decide how much you need. If you are not fully understanding of this part of the math, you should probably wait on this product until we get some further content out about it.

Don't rush ahead too fast - this is an advanced strategy and you will get there soon!

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