Liquid Fertilizer Complete | GreeNePaK™ Lawn Fertilizer Annual Program For All Grasses

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This is a brand new pack from the folks at Greene County called GreeNePaK. Do you see what they did there? N-P-K are all caps?

That's because this is a fully functional and complete lawn program that will deliver all 3 of those macros and much much more. This box is designed to cover a 4,000 sq ft lawn for an entire year

4 gallon package contains:

18-0-1 GreenePunch™, 16-21-2 GreenePOP™, 7-0-0 GreeNe EfFect™, 0-0-31 GreenePhite ™ Potassium Phosphite Fertilizer

Let's do some math so you can see the value you get here.
  • 18-0-1 Greene Punch - also contains humic, kelp and iron.
  • 16-21-2 Greene Pop - also contains humic, kelp and liquid aeration.
  • 7-0-0 Greene Effect - 6% iron and absorbed directly into leaf tissue (fast results)
  • 0-0-31 GreenePhite - Potassium supplement excellent for summer stress.

That 4 gallon pack, 512 oz of product costs $125.00 as the regular price.

If you have a 4,000 sq ft lawn, you will have an entire year's worth of fertilizer for $125.00.

That's a real value.

Here is the program laid out for you:

N-Ext GreeNePaK™ Lawn Fertilizer Annual Program For All Grasses

Have you been waiting for a liquid fertilizer pack that can do it all? One that will take you through the whole season? Your wait is finally over. Introducing the Greene County Fertilizer Company’s N-Ext GreeNePaK™, a 4 gallon box set that covers N,P, & K, for the whole season on up to 4,000 sq ft.

The N-Ext GreeNePaK™ consists of:

18-0-1 GreenePunch™ Lawn Fertilizer: 2 treatments at 16 ounces per thousand.
16-21-2 GreenePOP™ Starter Fertilizer: 2 treatments at 16 ounces per thousand.
0-0-31 GreenePhite™ Potassium Phosphite Plant Fertilizer: Up to 5 treatments at 6 ounces per thousand.
7-0-0 GreeNe EfFect™ Turf & Ornamental Fertilizer +6% Iron: Up to 5 treatments at 6 ounces per thousand.

The N-Ext GreeNePaK™ in conjunction with the N-Ext Bio-Stimulant™ pack will have everyone in the neighborhood green with envy. Starting out the season with GreenePunch™ Lawn Fertilizer, your lawn will get a beautiful boost in growth and vigor, coupling that application with 6 ounces of GreenPhite™ will start the lawn off right. The next app would consist of both GreenePOP™ and GreenePhite™ to keep that green going! As you hit the heat, GreeNe EfFect™ and GreenePhite™ go to work to reduce stress and add a deep green color. This application can be repeated 4 weeks apart! As we come into the home stretch, we’re back on the GreenePOP™ and GreenePunch™ for our last applications. The beauty is that the GreenePhite™ and the GreeNe EfFect™ can be added with each and every app as desired.

Get ready to get seriously Greene.

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