Double Dark Combo 2 Gallon Pack (MicroGreene / Greene EfFect)

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This is the famous iron combo that you've heard about, now available in a convenient 2 gallon pack. 

1 gallon of 7-0-0 Greene Effect

1 gallon of 0-0-2 MicroGreene

This is the fastest and most economical way to turn your lawn double dark blue-green and keep it that way for 4-6 weeks.

Liquid Iron is not ALL the Same

The demand for liquid iron and other fertilizers with iron has grown in recent years as DIYers seek to push their lawns to the deepest, darkest green possible. Even with all the new entries into the marketplace, the original Double Dark Combo still checks all the boxes and delivers superior color faster than the others - while also not breaking the budget.

7-0-0 Greene Effect - with 6% iron

A secret of the pros, 7-0-0 Greene Effect accounts for the speed of the results. In well watered lawns in summer, you will see a visible difference in the color of the lawn within 24 hours.

This is because 7-0-0 Greene Effect is formulated with citric acid which acts as an adjuvant. Simplified, the adjuvant makes the liquid available for direct absorbption by the grass leaf blades. This is much faster than having to wait for something to be watered in and then taken in by the root system.

Greene Effect gets right in, within minutes of application, and goes to work supporting chlorophyll production. It also contains a small amount of nitrogen to stimulate faster distrution throughout the plant.

0-0-2 MicroGreene - with Humic and Sea Kelp

MicroGreene is the other half of this powerfu combo. MicroGreene is a full micronutrient stack that contains a little more iron but also supports even more green with sulfer and magnesium.

It's a complete product because it also has bio-stimulants humic and sea kelp which feed soil organisms and chelate even more nutrients.

The MicroGreene in this combo it take in via roots and brings on additional color on the backside of the 7-0-0 Green Effect, hence the the term "double dark."

With this combo you get green through the shoots and more green through the roots - double dark!

Application Instructions

We recommend you apply this via pump sprayer or battery sprayer and use a tip that delivers a smaller (finer) droplet size.

Fill the sprayer halfway with water first (important).

7-0-0 Greene Effect rate: 6oz/gallon

0-0-2 MicroGreene Rate: 6 oz/gallon

1 gallon of spray mix coveres 1,000 sq ft.

Agitate and fill the sprayer up the rest of the way.

Spray this mix onto the grass and let it sit. You want to coat or "paint" the blades of grass. You will notice a silvery sheen on the grass blades after the application.

Let it sit for a good 45 - 60 minutes and then go ahead and water it in with 1/4" of water.

Look for results the next day and watch it get darker and darker over the following 7 days.

How Often To Apply

You can apply the Double Dark once per month in between regular fertilizer applications or anytime you want a pop of darker green color in your lawn.

Centipede Grass

This is an excellent year round application for centipede grass. Use this combo for all of your applications, all season long and you will have happy centipede.


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