1 ON 1 Coaching With LCN

Looking for specific help and a custom plan to dominate your neighbor? I offer 1 on 1 coaching where I do just that. It's affordable, and you'll get the time and attention you need in order to properly dominate!

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Lawn Care Nut Treatments

Here are my free treatment schedules and programs.

  1. [Warm Season] Turf - Hybrid Organic Program
  2. Treatment Schedule
  3. Fall Recovery Schedule


Lawn Products I Recommend

I use Earthway spreaders. They are good quality and affordable.

Small lawns up to 15,000 Sq Ft
Larger up to 30,000 Sq Ft

Soil Savvy testing kit - simple and easy

Weed burning torch you see in many of my videos (I burn a lot of weeds)

Prodiamine - Pre-Emergent Herbicde I talk about often

Hey look, Milorganite online

Also, Ringer Lawn Restore! Yummy

For your bush, my favorite pruning shears


Other Products I Use Wear

These are the neck and face wraps I wear to protect me from the sun:

Costa sunglasses I wear - best polarized lenses I’ve ever found


Equipment I use for YouTube vids

Primary camera on the selfie stick

Mic that goes with it to help block the wind

GoPro that I use