[N-Ext] Compaction Cure Combo

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N-Ext “Compaction Cure” Combo Package

Combined applications of N-Ext RGSTM and N-Ext Air-8TM have proven to be a very effective way to relieve soil surface and root zone compaction in lawns. These products, when applied together will power your turf through both surface and subsurface compaction.

By stimulating root growth at the same time that the entire soil surface is opened up to allow for increased air and water penetration, we are attacking compaction at the soil’s surface as well in and below the root zone. As an additional benefit, this application leaves behind carbon particles that serve as both a food source to soil organisms and a block against the binding (re-compaction) of soil particles.

The result is a noticeably softer feel to the lawn, a significant increase in root mass and depth, increased soil organic matter, better water infiltration and penetration, significantly increased plant available water, healthier turf, and more consistent color.

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    Depending on mix rates this Air8/RGS bucket will be enough for a 25,000 square ft lawn and last 1 year (with a little leftover) if you are aggressive.

    If your yard is not that big consider splitting with a neighbor or family member.

    When you purchase you'll also receive my N-Ext product guide on when and how much to put down (via email).