Soil Mastery Granular Bio-Stimulant with Humic, Biochar, Gypsum, Kelp and Iron

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5-0-0 Soil Mastery Granular Bio-Stimulant with BioChar, Humic, Kelp, gypsum, and iron is otherwise known as the “Kitchen Sink” because it has everything you need to improve soil health and structure.  

    • One 45 lb bag covers 15,000 sq ft
    • Analysis for the 5-0-0 is as follows: 
      • 5% slow-release nitrogen from Humic Coated Urea (HCU™)- 9% humic acid
      • 35% BioChar DG (dispersible granule)
      • 2% iron for that fresh pop of color
      • .1% sea kelp as microbe food for rooting
      • Gypsum DG for soil conditioning

Product Description:

5-0-0 Soil Mastery is a granular bio-stimulant designed to enhance your regular fertilizer applications. It will condition your soil, add carbon and bio-stimulants, and improve the overall health of your soil over time. Because it also has some N and Fe in it, you will also see a slight visual result a few days following an application.

Soil Mastery contains several of The Andersons patented technologies all in one bag, perfectly blended and easily spreadable. It’s also been formulated with The Andersons patented “DG” technology which stands for “dispersible granule.” As soon as the prills come in contact with water they disperse into super tiny particles that get all the elements into the soil quickly. This is the closest you can get to a liquid while still having the ease of spreading a granular product.

Here is a closer look at what’s in the bag: 

  • Humic Coated Urea - Offering a whiff of nitrogen to stimulate a bit of growth and color, you will find that the 5% overall. This low N also means you can apply this product right after or right before your regular fertilizer apps. It will not interfere with fertilizer but instead will enhance it. The urea nitrogen in this product is hugged by a coating of 9% humic acid which makes it slow release but also gives you the chelating benefits of humic on top of it.
  • BioChar - BioChar is an excellent soil amending carbon source made from superheated coconut husk. Formulated in the DG (dispersible granule) proprietary technology, each piece of biochar in the bag has millions of molecular bonding sites that can hold water, nutrients, microbes, and bacteria. Biochar is like a condominium for soil life and the nutrients that support them.
  • Iron - 2% of the mix is iron which is there just to give you a little punch of color working in tandem with the 5% nitrogen. 
  • Sea Kelp - This is another one of the popular, proven bio-stimulants we love and we had this added in as some additional microbe food to stimulate growth and movement in the soil.
  • Black Gypsum - The Andersons patented Black Gypsum DG (dispersible granule) adds calcium and sulfur to the mix, which are excellent soil conditioners. Gypsum also helps relieve compaction in the soil; however, It’s not designed to change soil pH, rather, in this mix, it is a great way to get calcium and sulfur plus some additional humic. It will also help reduce soil salinity when used over time.

As you can see, 5-0-0 truly really does have a little bit of everything, which is why it has earned its nickname of the “Kitchen Sink”. 

Application Information:

5-0-0 Soil Mastery can be used on the following grasses:

Cool Season Lawns - Kentucky Bluegrass, Turf Type Tall Fescue (all fescues), Ryegrass

Warm Season Lawns - Bermuda, St Augustine, Zoysia, Centipede, Bahia


A 45 lb bag covers 15,000 square feet.

Application  Details

Apply at 3 lbs 1,000 square feet of lawn area.
Do not apply if heavy rain is expected.

Appy 3-4x per year: spring, summer, fall. 

Water-In  Instructions

Apply to a dry lawn, and water into the turf with 1/4" of rainfall or irrigation.
Sweep excess off sidewalks and driveways to avoid staining


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