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How To Have The Softest Lawn in 2020

Hey there Lawn Care Nut!I know we are still in winter and your lawn is under snow and ice, so I made some content that I hope will brighten your day and get you thinking about the sunny days and blue skies ahead.In fact, do you know that the first official day of Spring is Thursday, March 19? That’s 39 days away give or take a leap year day in there somewhere. So check this out: I made a fairly long video this week - full of tips - and I broke it all down for you in this email so you can digest the parts that are most interesting to you.Think of this as “show notes” with commentary about the video I just produced.The cool thing about it is that there is something here for everyone and if you watch the entire thing from start to finish, you’ll pick it up and be a stronger Lawn Care Nut heading...

Learn About Brown Patch and Large Patch Lawn Disease

It’s called Brown Patch disease when it infects cool-season lawns, and it’s called Large Patch disease in warm-season lawns but both diseases are caused by the pathogen Rhizoctonia Solani.Here is a video I made this weekend showing its effects on St Augustine and Zoysia: The times it shows up are during seasonal transitions. In south Florida, it’s coming out of winter into spring, or like now, fall into winter.Here in my St Augustine and Zoysia, we were in the 80s with mild humidity and in the last 2 weeks have fallen into the upper 60s, no wind and no humidity. Rhizoctonia thrives when outside temps are in the low-70s consistently overnight - night time is also when dew forms on the ground keeping things wet.How many of you remember when we talked earlier this year about the disease triangle? Our Treatment strategy utilizes products found at any local big box store. I am using a twist on my “bullet-proof” strategy...

How To Prep Your Lawn for Vacation & Fixing Gray Leaf Spot Disease

I know many of you are still planning summer vacations away and are wondering about mowing leading up to, and just before you leave, in addition to what to do when you get back. 

Next, I’m getting reports of disease in lawns - especially in the deep south where tropical storm rains pounded us in Florida - and have moved to Hurricane rains through the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Lawn Brown Spots: Do I Have Fungus or Insects? How To Identify Insects and Disease

Lawn Brown Spots - Do I Have Fungus In The Lawn? How To Identify Insects and Disease

How To Cure Brown Patches and Lawn Disease Problems In The Summer

What’s up ya’ll and welcome to summer! And with that, we want to show you How To Cure Lawn Disease Problems and Fix Brown Patches In Your Lawn. Essentially, this is a fungus that's starting to affect lawns across the transition zone and up into the midwest.Let’s take a look at Rocky Mount, NC. Beautiful country there where Paul, from Paul’s Prime Cuts, lives and works.This area is known as the Atlantic Coastal Plains and you will find Turf Type Tall Fescue there, Centipede, Zoysia, Bermuda, and even Bahia.Paul deals with it all but the main reason I wanted to call attention here if the brown patch disease he shows in his tall fescue lawns.Check out this video where he talks you through How To Fix Brown Patches in feascue: Paul won’t admit it, but he is one of the smartest lawn and soil gurus on YouTube.His lawns always look awesome and it’s a real privilege for us to be able...