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Very simply, this is a sulfate of potash supplement specifically designed to be spread on lawns. If you have a soil test that shows you are deficient in potassium (K) this is the perfect product to move you in the right direction. It is not designed to change the color of the lawn.

(Note: as of June 2021, the color of this product is now a blue instead of the brown it was previously. This is due to a change in vendor. The anti-dust coating from this new vendor is blue)

The analysis is 0-0-48 sulfate of potash which provides potassium in a low salt formula so it will not burn the lawn. It is also slow release. You can apply this any time of year as long as the ground is not frozen (winter) and it can be applied in the midst of summer.

Recommended application rate is 2lbs/1,000 sq ft and you can apply this every 2-3 weeks if you are looking to correct a severe deficiency. However, we recommend you retest after 2-3 applications (wait 60 days after any application to retest). Then if you still have a deficiency, apply more the following season. You do not have to correct every deficiency in one month.

We have had this product polymer coated primarily to cut down on dust and hold the prills together which makes it easier to apply. This coating also adds an element of controlled release to the product.

If you have looked at other sulfate of potash products online, you will find they are very dusty and many times are not prilled for easy lawn applications.

If you are comparing pricing, you will find most sulfate of potash is $5-7 per pound online, not including shipping. Yard Mastery has secured very good pricing and we are able to bring you an excellent, safe product that comes in at $2.49 per pound and that includes shipping direct to your door.


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24 lbs, covers 12,000 sq ft at the suggested rate of 2lbs/1,000


Shipping: United States Only. Price includes shipping. Currently NOT shipping to: (AK,HI). For CA,WA,OR,ID an additional shipping charge of $9.95/ea will be applied. Also, we can not ship to PO Boxes

Typically delivered in 4-7 business days.