Spoon Juice - Air-8 Combo (Bio-Stimulant Pack LITE)

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Our most popular liquid pack is the bio-stimulant pack which is 4 gallons of product. This serves as the basis of all programs found on The Lawn Care Nut and Yard Mastery. Each of the 4 products has some overlap with the others, but they are also unique in their own ways.

All that to say that many, many of our customers have expressed that they experience confusion on which of the 4 to use at certain times. In truth, ANY of them can be used at any time, but then more confusion comes in when people want to know if they can all be mixed together, how much and in what order. It’s a mess.

INTRODUCING: Bio-Stimulant Pack LITE.

We have been able to get the bio-stimulant portion of the programs down now to 2 products to make things simpler. If you already like using the original Bio-Stimulant pack, you should keep using it. There is NO NEED to buy this pack.

However, if you have been holding back getting into the bio-stimulants due to the perceived confusion, now you can dive in and only have to be concerned with 2 products which are:

5-0-1 Spoon Juice

This product contains humic, sea kelp, 3% iron, 5% nitrogen and 1% potash. It’s also contains some sulfur which is one of the keys to healthy growth of lawns. This product can replace RGS and Humic12. It doesn’t contain all of the micronutrients that you find inside MicroGreene but it does have some of them. This is the one shortfall is that it doesn’t match MicroGreene shot for shot but it’s as close as we can while still keeping the mix thin and easily flowable. (this product will not clog your Ortho Dial-N-Spray)

Air-8 Liquid Aeration

This one is in the regular bio-stimulant pack and we included it as the second product in the LITE pack. This product is very unique in what it does diving down, creating space in the soil and is one we could not replace so we chose to round out the LITE pack.

With these two products, you can apply each one monthly and that’s it.

Every month, as long as you are mowing the lawn at least every 12-14 days or so (meaning it’s growing) apply Soil Mastery one month at 6oz/1,000 and apply Air-8 monthly at 6oz/1,000.

That’s it. If you want to mix the two together in your hose end sprayer or pump sprayer, feel free to do that, all good.

Let me repeat:
  • Spoon Juice monthly, 6oz/1,000 sq ft
  • Air-8 Liquid Aeration monthly, 6oz/1,000 sq ft

Water both of them in after the application.

If at anytime during the season you decided you’d like an additional pop of green color to the lawn, feel free to apply Spoon Juice at 6oz/1,000 sq ft. Pretty much anytime this is ok to do but is not required.

Can I apply these on the same day as I apply Flagship or Stress Blend or other macro-fertilizer?

Yes, you can! Apply this on the same day and water them all in together.

Package Contents:

  • 1 Gallon of Air-8
  • 1 Gallon of 5-0-1 Spoon Juice


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