Milorganite Meme Stickers to Benefit Rodney Smith Raising Men and Women Lawn Care

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This is a 5 pack of stickers (see pics) and the cost is $5 which includes shipping to your door. When you purchase this pack, 100% of the $5 cost will be donated to Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service which is a non-profit run by Rodney Smith.

These are memes that were submitted by our viewers. I turned them into these stickers and ran a promotion in conjunction with my friends at Milorganite to raise money for Rodney's cause.

Currently we have 99 printed packs which when rounded means that $500 will be donated if they all sell. On top of that, I am going to match the donation total up to $500 so we can max this out at an even $1,000 for Rodney. That's the goal.