Bio-Charken Soil Amendment by Yard Mastery

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What is BioCharken?

BioCharken is biochar charged by chickens droppings. You will likely not find a soil amendment like this anywhere else online. Here's how it's made:

Farmers spread biochar in their chicken houses as a portion of the bedding. Biochar is porous and soaks up much of the emissions from the droppings. This is healthy for the chickens, and healthy for your soil. Biochar is an excellent soil amendment and chicken droppings are loaded with nutrients.

It takes about 12 months for the chickens to prepare your BioCharken by fully charging the biochar. Next it’s removed and run through a machine that turns lumpy black “chicken poo infused biochar” into the beautiful gray and black prills you will find inside this bag. These prills can easily be incorporated into your garden or landscape soil or spread across your lawn.

Where Should I Use This?

Biocharken is an amendment for soil and can be used anytime during the season as long as the ground is not frozen.

For Lawns: One suggestion for use would be if you are aerating your lawn - this is literally opening up holes in the lawn so applying a nice, heavy app (20 lbs/1,000) will help it to incorporate a little easier. Biocharken can be used at the same time you are aerating and overseeding your lawn in the fall. Note: BioCharken is not a replacement for starter fertilizer.

If you have sandy soil, BioCharken can be incorporated to add structure at any time of the season.

For Gardens: Incorporate BioCharken into your garden soil at a rate of 10-20lbs/1,000 sq ft yearly.

Is This Required For A Nice Lawn?

No it's not. This is an add-on for those who prefer biochar amendments or for those who have used it in the past and like the results.

At YM and LCN we source products that our customers request and this by far has been the biggest request this season for us to make available again. It's not been easy but we have found a reliable and consistent source and hope to make this a year-round offering going forward.

Is This Like XSOIL?
It's very similar. Yard Mastery and LCN built the demand for this amendment in 2019 and 2020, and we are very happy to have found an alternative source for you here in later 2021.

Note: there are no plans to recreate the entire Carbon Earth line of ferts. Many of you know, they used "XSOIL" as the base of their ferts, then added synthetic N-P-K on top to create ferts like CarbonX or StressX. It was a smart concept and we were sorry to see them go out of business.

We will not be recreating that line of ferts. We are just offering the straight biochar with chicken litter infused and now call it "BioCharken."

If you want something that works just as good as CarbonX but is $10 cheaper, you want Flagship 24-0-6 by Yard Mastery.


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