I Need Your Help LCN! 

Everyday I am blown away by the amazing questions and comments I receive. It's easy to see why. With over 200,000 lawn care nuts out there you can imagine the volume of questions from people just like yourself I receive. 

You and your questions is the reason I keep producing content on YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat and others. 

The downside to growing and publishing is the inability for me to personally respond to those questions. (There is no way I'd outsource such a thing either)

If you see a response from one of my profiles you can rest assured it's me personally replying. 

The size of our community is at a point where I can't answer all the messages and that bothers me. So rather than leave them completely unanswered, I figured the best thing to do is make a temporary "pay for access" and direct people here. 

Introducing the Lawn Care Nut community.

This is a limited access community where I personally respond to your questions. But not only do you get access to me, you'll also get access to a select number of peers. This is a tight knit community of HARDCORE lawn care nuts. 

We meet in a secret undisclosed place (Slack) where we talk all things lawn care, beer and cigars. 

This community isn't designed for you to stay in for an entire year (unless you want to) -- it's really designed for you to hang in for 60-90 days until you feel comfortable enough to go out on your own.

We exchange pics and vids in here so we can get to the bottom of your challenges and help you overcome them.

If you want a custom lawn plan, this is the place to get it.

This community is limited to only 50 people

That is about as many as I can directly reply to with the attention needed. Once these spots are filled you won't be able to buy/bribe your way in until someone leave.  


1) Access to the private LCN Slack community with personal replies from Allyn and your LCN peers.

2) Monthly LIVE Q&A where I personally answer your questions, drink some beers (in a Chicago accent) and hang out.

3) 20% OFF any LCN shop items.

4) First dibs on access to all limited run shop items ensuring you'll never miss out.