Liquid Lawn DeThatcher | D-Thatch 1 Gallon by Greene County Fertilizer Co

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Apply D-Thatch on the hottest days and it will go to work to control a thatch problem. It can also be use to help speed up the recovery of dead spots in the lawn from disease or insects. 

You can apply 3-4 times per year in summer. Use a hose end or pump sprayer, no need to water it in - let it sit up top.

What is Thatch?

Thatch is the layer of dead turfgrass lying between your healthy turfgrass and soil/root system. It usually consists of stems, stolons, rhizomes, and roots that haven’t decomposed.

Why is thatch good?

When your thatch layer is manageable at around 1/2" thick or less, it is a nice place for microbes to hang out which also helps this area to retain moisture. This also helps keep the soil cooler on the hottest of days.

Why is this bad?
However, if it becomes too thick, the thatch layer blocks air, water, and nutrients from seeping down into the root system where they are needed.

This then can cause the roots to turn upward to get these things and before you know it, you have a shallow rooted lawn that is mostly attached in thatch and no even in the soil. The problem compounds from there.

That can be causes from improper, shallow watering or it can also build up from clumping from your mower. Mulching clippings with your mower does not contribute to thatch but if you are biting off more than your mower can handle and seeing clumps, this then can contribute to thatch buildup.

How does D-Thatch help this?

The secret to D-Thatch is molasses. Molasses one of the oldest and best known bio-stimulants. It's essentially just a sugar blast that you spray on the lawn. You do not want to water it in - spray it with either your hose end sprayer or pump sprayer and let it sit.

The sweet molasses draws microbes up from the soil and into the thatch area to feed on the sweet treat you just sprayed. The thing about that is it's short lived - just about the time all the microbes get to the feast it wears off. Since the microbes are all stirred up they turn and feed on whatever readily available food source there is which in this case is decayed material - thatch.

So the way this works is D-Thatch is a lure to pull the microbes up so they will swarm and feed on the thatch around them. This is another reason you want to spray D-Thatch on the very hottest days - because that is when microbes are most active, when it's warm. Thatch decays faster when it's hot outside too.

This video explains how to use D-Thatch in your lawn:


    Is D-Thatch As Good as Mechanical D-Thatching?

    No it's not. Using those machines to literally rip out thatch is much more aggressive and immediate than using D-Thatch.

    D-Thatch is more of a maintenance type product. If your thatch is ok or just getting out of hand, you can apply D-Thatch 3-4 times during the summer and it will over time melt the thatch down.



    The recommended application rate is 6-9 oz per 1,000 sq ft.

    1 gallon = 128 oz


    At the app rate of 6 oz/1,000 sq ft, you will get:

    • 21,300 sq ft of coverage from a single gallon

    Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Product will store for 2 years under warehouse conditions.

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