Multi Purpose Fertilizer | 9-0-1 Greene Start 1 Gallon by Greene County Fertilizer Co

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9-0-1 GreeneStart™ Multipurpose Fertilizer is a complete product for all types of lawn and garden applications. It's got a little bit of everything you need including:

9% nitrogen for a nice green color without pushing top growth.

1% available potash to help lawns in stress. 

1.5% iron for a nice green pop.

It also contains 8% humic acid for a carbon source and chelator as well as 1% sea kelp as a microbe stimulant. That's why we call it a "complete" product because it contains fertilizing nutrients as well as bio-stimulants sea kelp and humic, all in one mix. (complete)

This 1 gallon jug also comes with a free sticker.

    The recommended application rate is 9-16 oz/1,000 sq ft.

    • 1 gallon = 128 oz

    At the app rate of 9 oz/1,000 sq ft, you will get:

    • 14,200 sq ft of coverage from a single gallon

    At that rate you could use this product as a monthly maintenance application. It will keep the lawn green but won't over-stress it.

    Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Product will store for 2 years under warehouse conditions.

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