Potassium Concentrate | 0-0-31 GreenePhite by Greene County Fertilizer Co

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This is a readily available source of potassium with foliar absorption capabilities. Apply GreenePhite if you have a potassium deficiency in your lawn or if it is under stress.

Potassium helps lawns in stress. It can also help them recover from stresses such as heat and disease.

Apply GreenePhite at the low rate of 3oz/1,000 monthly as maintenance during the long hot summer.

If your lawn is being hammered by stress from disease, apply every 14-21 days at the higher rate of 5oz/1,000.

GreenPhite can be applied via hose end sprayer or pump/battery sprayer.

It is not recommended to mix GreenePhite with other liquid products unless you do a jar test for compatibility first.

If you are going to mix GreenePhite with other N-Ext producs, be sure to fill your sprayer halfway with water first, then add your concentrates. This dillution will help keep products from clumping.

If using a hose end sprayer is is never recommended to mix GreenePhite with any other liquid product.

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