Spoon Juice 5-0-1 Liquid Fertilizer and Bio Stimulant with Humic Acid and Kelp

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Spoon Juice 5-0-1 is for those who like to spray goodness, often. I had this liquid fertilizer with iron, humic and kelp created for those of you who are addicted to spraying the lawn. If you want to spray every weekend or every other weekend, this is for you!

Like To Spray Often?

If you are someone who wants to spray something on your lawn every week or every couple weeks, Spoon Juice at 3oz/1,000 is for you. Spoon feed that goodness.

It contains iron first and foremost which is what we like because it turns the lawn that blue-green color. It's also fortified with a small amount of nitrogen that will stimulate intake of that iron without pushing surge growth.

Also in the mix are sea kelp as microbe food and humic acid as a carbon source. (2% kelp and 10% humic are higher concentrations).

Want Just One Product?

Another reason you may want to use this is if you are someone who has been saying "Allyn, I really want to get into liquids but I don't want to buy an entire 4-gallon pack of varied products. That can get confusing."

If that's you, the Spoon Juice can act as your single product that you apply monthly to keep things simple. If you choose this route, you would use the 6oz/1,000 rate and apply every 30 days. 

Note: Spoon juice is not a "one-for-one" replacement for the bio-stimulant pack. It doesn't have the liquid aeration and it lacks some of the Micros that are found inside the MicroGreene. However, it's as close as we can get in one gallon.

So again, if you are someone who says "I just want one product" then this is your one product.

If you are already using the bio-stimulant pack then you don't need this unless you just want to add it on and have something that you can spray whenever you get the urge.

Let me reiterate:

1) If you already have the bio-stimulant pack but think to yourself "I want to spray much more often" then Spoon Juice is a good add-on. Apply weekly if you want at 3oz/1,000. Yes you can mix it with other bio-stimulants but it's not needed. I recommend you keep this as stand alone.

2) If you are not currently using any bio-stimulants and you want one single product that you can add to your program, this is the one. Apply an initial application of 15oz/1,000 and from there, apply once per month at 6oz/1,000.

Note: this product was formulated for Yard Mastery by John Perry of Greene County Fertilizer Co.

Can Spoon Juice replace RGS?


Can Spoon Juice replace Humic12?


Can Spoon Juice replace Air8?


Can Spoon Juice replace MicroGreene?

Partially, but not really.

Can Spoon Juice be used alone?

Yes, recommended

Is This Product Expensive?

This is a 1 gallon jug and the retail price is $44.99.

Think about this when you look at other products being sold when they are charging $25 for a quart spray bottle. 1 quart is 32 ounces. This 1 gallon jug is 128 ounces.

Again, we charge $44.99 for this gallon (Includes shipping)

If you work out the math on competing products at $25 per quart (32 ounces) that means you would need to purchase 4 of theirs to get the same amount. That means they are charging you $100 per gallon which is more than DOUBLE the cost of Spoon Juice. I always like to do this math for you because we strive to bring quality products but also keep the value first and foremost.

1 gallon covers 42,666 sq ft at the spoon feed rate of 3oz/1,000 sq ft

1 gallon covers 21,333 sq ft at the monthly rate of 6oz/1,000 sq ft

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