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16-21-2 GreenePOP™ is a liquid starter fertilizer. If you are seeding or sodding your lawn, this is your foundation product. It's also great for existing lawns if you need a good dose of phosphorus to correct a deficiency.

The Secret To This Starter Fertilizer

One of the coolest additives in this complete fertilizer is the liquid aeration. We have a very popular product called "Air8" which is a liquid aeration product that has saved countless DIYers the literal headache of mechanically aerating their lawns. 

The active ingredient there is potassium hydroxide. Potassium hydroxide dives into the soil and breaks bonds, creating space. 

Potassium hydroxide (liquid aeration) is included in this starter fertilizer. This is awesome for when your new grass seed or sod is trying to root.

Also included in the jug is humic acid as a carbon source and chelator as well as sea kelp microbial stimulant.

GreenePOP™ is engineered to deliver all that grass seed or sod needs to get growing quickly and start life on the right foot. The combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium with Humic, and sea kelp delivered with GreenePOP™ will feed the newly rooting turf and prepare the soil around the seed for quicker germination. 

GreenePOP™ can also be used for Phosphorus deficient soils or used in a balanced fertility program on all turf types. GreenePOP™ Starter Fertilizer can be applied directly on top of seeds at the time of planting, applied pre-plant, or incorporated with a topdressing medium.

The typical application rate is 15 oz per 1,000 sq ft.

Seed and Sod Applications

Apply to the bare ground (for sod) or directly on top of seed (for seeding) and water it in.

Repeat this application 15 days later.

1 gallon = 128 oz


At the app rate of 15 oz/1,000 sq ft, you will get:

  • 8,500 sq ft of coverage from a single gallon


Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Product will store for 2 years under warehouse conditions.

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