Summer Stress Pack "BlackOut" | MicroGreene + GreenePhite 2 gallon by Greene County Fertilizer Co

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We have a granular summer stress blend fertilizer that is one of our best sellers. It delivers high potassium and micronutrients that aid lawns under stress from heat, drought, insects or disease.

With that we have had many requests for a similar functioning product but in a liquid. This combo pack is just that - your summer stress blend liquid.

Additionally, I've been working a long time to find a summer blackout product that would keep my lawn vigorous during the summers when we are not permitted to apply nitrogen or phosphorus to our lawns. This pack also serves as my blackout pack for Florida lawns.

What's In This Pack?

The new player in this 2 gallon pack is the Greene County 0-0-31 GreenePhite. This is straight up potassium in a readily available form. It's so available that is can absorb via foliage and roots, giving it quick access to the plant.

GreenePhite is an excellent stress reducing application for any grass type so if your lawn is being stressed out from disease or heat, hit it with GreenePhite.

The other gallon in this pack is the 0-0-2 MicroGreene which contains iron and other micronutrients to help keep a lawn thriving even with a blackout on nitrogen.

MicroGreene also contains sea kelp and humic as biostimulants.

Application Rates and Methods

For lawns under stress, apply each of these every 2-3 weeks using a pump/battery sprayer.

You can mix them together but it's very important you fill your sprayer halfway with water first, then add in your concentrates, then fill to the top with water from there.

GreenePhite, 5oz per gallon of water.

MicroGreene, 5oz per gallon of water.

1 gallon of spray mix covers 1,000 sq ft.

Let this sit on the lawn for 30 minutes and then water it in. The GreenePhite will absorb in that time and then you can water everything else in. 

Hose End Sprayer Not Recommended

Do not mix these two products together in a hose end sprayer. They will clump up badly. Because of this, it is not recommended that you apply both products together if you are using a hose end sprayer such as the Ortho Dial-n-Spray. If you use a hose end sprayer make two applications separately. Then water it all in.

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